Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Knitting Bride & Lambe Bag

It just wouldn't be wedding season without being able to feature some of my knitting brides. This is Ashley, isn't she pretty? Such a pretty bride! As with most of my brides, they know that at some point in their day they will hold my current knitting and enjoy it! Every single time without exception, they are just lovely about it! Ashley even asked when the knitting photo came? Made me laugh that girl did! Her dress was not a Vera Wang as our last few have been, but I have to say that she worked that dress as if it were. One of my very favorite things was her veil, a little shortie that was nice and full and beautifully beaded---- and she wore it with the blusher as she made her way down the aisle.

As someone who does the bride thing for a living I am a tough cookie, a little cynical around the edges and I don't easily get mushy. Having said that, a dad lifting the veil for that end of the aisle kiss pretty much does it for me every time. In the photo above the dad and bride practiced this quite a few times, it was funny/sweet/cute all at the same time.

So pose with knitting she did, -- for Mrs. Lear--- we're outside the Muny next to the box office and the temperature is a cool 67 degrees.

My bride totally rocked Lambe didn't she????? As you can see from the photo the lovely bag was nearing completion.

We shall not discuss the cable faux pas either. I was working on it in the back of the church, driving to and from the brides home and on location and quite frankly I fluffed it. The solution, along with the finished bag (which is dang cute) will follow on the next post.

So here is what really got me, and I am to be commended by all of you for not kicking a particular bridesmaid in the shins. These girls are mid 20's, career girls, well educated and I thought them to be quite evolved. After the last knitting bride photo was snapped and I thanked the bride, I take Lambe from her and am walking to the bench to put it back into my bag. This ignorant little miss says (loudly) "Hey----- all you need to go with that knitting is a vacuum cleaner!" WHOA!!!!!!!! See what I mean? She did deserve a kick in the, well you know.

Spring here in St. Louis has taken another hiatus, there was frost in the outlying valleys last night. Thankfully my peonies and roses were not affected, that would make me cranky! I'm up to my ears at the studio and want nothing more than to go into the sewing room and putter a bit. At the very least I think I will get Lambe finished up, I'm modifying the handles and lining it so it will take just a bit more time.

Hope your part of the world is far warmer than it is here!


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

Why did you allow her to live?

Anonymous said...

I can understand that some people feel that way about knitting even if it isn't true but I can't understand why anyone would say it out loud to someone who obviously enjoys knitting. That is just plain rude and uncalled for.

Virtuous said...

You gotta be kidding me!!

But saying that she is in her 20s explains it all! *rolls eyes*

I luv BRIGHT RED Lambe!!! :o)