Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Very Sweetest Thing

I have to say that just about the sweetest thing in the world is that both of my girls arrived safely and slept under my roof last night! Knowing that they were both here and I could creep into their room and just LOOK at them if I wanted to was great. Of course I would never do that because it is weird and everything---- not to mention they already think I'm pretty strange as it is so why give them more fodder? Precisely! I colored my hair yesterday so it would look nice for the girls and looking in the mirror I thought "not bad"............ and even though I am no youngster I told myself that at least I do not look scary like Priscilla Presley!

Yesterday I managed to slide out of the studio after a morning in a meeting and a NASTY day, just ick. Ran through the grocery store never letting the wheels on the cart stop as things got tossed in. Somehow the ingredients for green apple martini's ended up in there, I have no idea how that happened. I did get the house cleaned and ready, right down to a fresh wax on the hardwoods downstairs. My girls know that I am a bit of a neat freak and they expect this of me----- they really have no idea how thick the dustbunnies were under the furniture before they arrived so don't tell them, okay? 13.5 hours in the car those sweet girls traveled to see their mama----- they will deserve a bit of spoiling for sure! Nigella Lawson's Doughnut French Toast to start off the day!

And I got a wall hanging finally ready to machine quilt. It has been waiting for such a long time to be pinned and today was the day because I needed to put daughter two in the sewing room which did call for a bit of a pick up. (Okay, a lot of a pick up.) I can't wait to get to it! I really DO need a new quilt on the revolving display by the front door, but it will serve effectively as a nice way to ignore the Twilight Socks as well as any serious work of getting back down to business on Cable Luxe.

I couldn't find the other box of my safety pins for pin basting before machine quilting. I looked everywhere and when I ran out of time I just used my jumbo corsage pins. They work great but you do have to be a tiddle careful!

I had no illusions of this quilt being anything other than a quirky quilt with no fussy applique (although I do love it)----- it is all Steam A Seam applique inside the sashing and borders, except for the vines which are bias tubes.

I plan on machine quilting around the design elements (house, hearts, leaves...) and just doing a free-form stipple along the border. It is not ginormous but wall sized ---- Do you think I should put it in the SL quilt show Pat??? Or have I blown that deadline too?

You know darn well that getting this done (along with the folksy block quilt recently freed from its old linen sashing) will free me up to spend a little cash in Paducah!

And having spoken of Cable Luxe---- the lovely cabled sweater that has only the deediddle of the first sleeve done and the second sleeve to go ----- should I put it aside when the thought of wearing a winter sweater sounds appealing again??? That way I can knit some other things---- or should I plow through it now in fear that it will never get done? Such the dilemma.

The birthday week continues today--- I am OFF--- and although the weather is cold and gray and rainy *gee* what a surprise (not!) I will enjoy my girls tremendously. Who knows what trouble we will find to get into! My birthday is actually tomorrow---- another day off, a fresh pot of Irish Breakfast tea and creamer and my daughters, I really don't know how a birthday could be finer!

Oooooh---- before I go, Stacey went to see the Harlot yesterday in Charlotte ON HER BIRTHDAY--- now really cool is that? A heckuva birthday indeed!

Is she cute or what? So young, so enthusiastic, so sweet----- and the neck of a young woman. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Whatcha knitting Stacey?


Lisa Boyer said...

What an adorable quilt! So homey and sweet. I can't wait for my baby to be back under my roof--only about three more weeks now! Whoo hooo!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday week! Isn't it supposed to be birthday "month"??? Yes, extend it until the end of April!

Have a great time w/your girls. I fully intend to check on my sleeping kids when they come home too. I have every night of their lives... why not then? Ok, weird and creepy a bit, but what the heck!

Virtuous said...

Gurl I am SO behind on my blog reads b/c I couldn't even get on my e-mail/internet from home b/c of NO HARD DRIVE MEMORY!!! Ugh!

I rushed right out last night and bought a external hard drive.

All is better now!!

Thanks so much for spotlighting me on your blog too!! :oD

It has been a great birthday week!

And I know yours will be awesome too my fellow Aries!!!