Friday, April 4, 2008


I have indeed finished.

And it was a tough slog,let me tell you.

I know what you are thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You think I have finished THIS....


Instead I finished "Duma Key" by Stephen King. As one of the most rabid fans of the "Gunslinger" series, I just plain love his work! Not so much the really scary stuff like "Cujo" or "Christine"------ but I've discovered over the many years that it is all pretty much the same book, interconnected and twisting. Less connected since Roland and the Gunslinger finished their journey of many years. "Duma Key" is 611 pages long----- that's a lot of pages blitters! Well crafted and engaging from the first page it was an entertaining read that was hard to put down. I really didn't find it 'scary' until the last 1/4. Then it was. WAS. And now this really long read is done and I can actually move on to other things.

Like Twilight. I've actually decided that these socks might not accompany me to the Home for Wayward Knitters but be one of those things my kids inherit and have to decide to finish themselves or toss away! Surely I will get them finished by then, yes?

Lucky for me on this cloudy, gray and chilly day (with no rain for this brief moment) I'm ducking out of the studio early to go to the quilt exhibition at the museum, "Missouri Made Quilts, 1850-1940".

My girls arrive next week for a brief visit over my birthday---- woo hoo! I really do need to give some thought to getting things ready for them so it is not all necessary to do on one day.

How was that, good procrastination for those socks----- yes???

Now, check those out!!!!!!!!!! Are they gorgeous? Fabulous? Inspiring? Amazing? They finish the job of making me feel totally and completely inadequate! For dipdog sake, I'm struggling with SOCKS at the moment! You might remember that I knit EZ's "Nethergarments" in the late fall. Miles and miles of leggings it seemed, mine were "Swish" from KnitPicks in the colorway lemongrass. They not only took forever but I found them rather boring. They have been less than well worn, to my irritation. The Nethergarments above ----- holy buckets, check them out!!!!!!!!!! 'Rududu' had them on Ravelry and I am amazed by them. THOSE my blittery friends, are nethergarments not mere leggings or overgrown socks! Carol won the the Bobby for Most Colorful Project 2007 on Ravelry for this amazing project. Just so you know Carol, I bow to you! Blitters, this is a perfect example of the difficulty rating on Ravelry! When you see these, it makes you wonder what WOULD be difficult anyway?

One knitters difficulty is another knitters breeze!


jen duncan said...

Holy crapoly on those leggings! That's some serious knitting skills. Can't wait to hear if you do what we talked about with your girls next week. Either way, I hope it's a wonderful time.

yoel said...

Wow! Just imagine knitting both those legs at the same time, with all those colors!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOWZER!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping that your not running the street with those on. LOL!!!!!!!!!

Virtuous said...

Ooh my goodness!!! @ leggings...ur uh YEAH she needs much more than an award!! LOL

Have fun when your daughters visit!

And I need to just get "started" on my socks!

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I need to make me some of them there leggins....

Lisa Boyer said...

Holy cow. Those look warm. That is one woman with a lot of time...and a lot of yarn...and a lot of patience. Holy cow.