Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This is how I ended my day yesterday. A nice fat S'more, right before bed. Personally I think any weight gained was because of marshmallows! It stands to reason------ they puff up, are roundish, and surely this quality gets inside anyone who consumes its' melty goodness. The square of chocolate and the graham crackers are obviously beside the point.

There is a certain computer manufacturer who is on my list. You know the list I mean. This company has a name that rhymes with that dark place where they should go due in part to their abysmal technical support. I am not ruining any resolutions for peace and cheer by saying that I hate them because I do. It started months ago when a cd burning software installed by THEM just up and quit working. After waiting forever and a day for tech support because I really and truly needed to burn a CD, I was greeted (again) by non-English speaking personnel. Please, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against those of other nationalities that speak their native tongue. My point is that this is a company based in the USA and their customers are for the most part folks who parted with their hard earned money and require good language skills to get them past the fact that they waited 20 minutes to be helped in the first place. So this dweeb asks if he can have remote access to my computer, while a bit daunting I have done that before so I agreed. The very short story is that he mucked up my laptop BAD BAD BAD. At the end of the tale I had requested, firmly, that his supervisor call me back and fix the problem. He told me that a. he had no supervisor and b. someone would call me back but they were quite busy. I about stroked out by this point. I called again the next day and got the same story. I waited patiently. And waited. Finally after more calls to tech support found the same resolution I ended up calling sales and explaining that I owned FIVE of their dipdog computers and as a salesperson I pretty much expected him to find me a fix or keep calling up the chain of command until we arrived at a happy ending. I’d been in the loop for over two months! By the end of that day I had promises for a new laptop. This (as I explained to them) fixed the problem that my computer was now a piece of crap and ready to brick at any given moment but who was going to take all the info from theeeeeeeeeeere and put it heeeeeeeeeeeeere. I felt like a Dr. Seuss character explaining that, without the funny clothes of course. Too Bad So Sad was the answer and so I was expected to sweetly deal with it. The new laptop arrived about 5 minutes before I walked out of the house for Phoenix around Thanksgiving. Between then and now my schedule was crammed to bursting with things that were not only immovable but I wasn’t going to give up any of the joy of the season by Seussing my laptop!!!

Yesterday, instead of knitting, reading, eating or napping (okay I ate) I Seussed. I sat for hours with the old and new laptops side by side and Seussed. And Seussed. I took it off there, and put it on here! Files had to be cleaned up, new folders made, a portable hard drive cleaned off for the moving and futzing. It was A Job. Plus. Remember, I have fairly heavy photo software from the studio, plus pretty much not only my entire personal life but business life as well. I lost count of the programs that had to be reloaded and all of the auxiliary files put back in place. Damn those computer people anyway! My child who shall remain nameless, lost my copy of MS Office so I can’t get any of the .doc files moved and taken care of until I have installed Word, and I haven’t even begun the sorting of the mountain of email addresses, contacts and the like from Outlook. That will be a monumental job in and of itself.

Two computers side by side. The one on the right is the new one that needs to have the stuff there. Computer on the left is the one where the stuff is here. The portable hard drive and iPod reside between them. You will notice a beer on the right side of the frame (in front of neglected knitting) purely for medicinal reasons.

While Seussing ensued I ate chocolate. I ate cookies. I ate queso. I munched chips. A few toasted ravioli for good measure followed by a nice bowl of creamy potato soup. Because I was cranky I thought that grated cheddar, a dollop of sour cream and a crumble of bacon would be a good idea. It was -----but it is far past time to pay the piper. I hate that piper!

Without an iTunes guru to update all of my music libraries (I am still lost), I did manage to get pod casts updated and loaded onto Tinkerbelle (my red Nano) so I’m ready. Oh good grief and all that I may have to grease the doggone doors but I am ready to get back to working out. It’s been too long and I know it will hurt. I’ve not been out walking my daily 6 so I’m way behind on my faves not to mention how they all inspire me and give my creativity a boost.

This last day of prep for the real world was spent for the most part in jammies (with full makeup on though, c’mon-- a girls’ gotta ease back to work) and football droned in the background.

Not a stitch was knit, but it is waiting. The back is seamed and looks great----- and the back while knit on is just not a happening thing right now. The new jumbo knitting bag is in its’ “shell” form and I really can’t wait to spend some more time with it!

The yoke of Cable Luxe laid out

And being marked---- then seamed and so on.

All things considered it was a good productive start to 2008. I even productively added to tuckus dimples-----okay, so that is not really a good part.

The year ahead looks bright, and busy----- and I dearly hope one heckuva lot thinner! Remember, the correct answer to “can I have remote access to your computer” would be a firm but wonderfully kind “NO”.


Anonymous said...

O.M.G. With the same computer company - the one with the name that rhymes with the dark, evil place - had the equivalent experience regarding a computer we ordered - NEVER received, got billed for months for...nasty letters, "late fees" assessed on the payments we didn't make because we NEVER RECEIVED a went on for months. Many, Many calls (from us) - received by people who don't speak English. (I share your thoughts on that issue.) Finally, after an extremely non-complimentary real. paper. letter to the main company, asking what it would take to get through to them, insulting various levels of incompetence, and finally assuring them we would dissuade anyone we could from purchasing their products, we got it taken care of. It literally took well over a year! I can feel my bp rising as I write this response. What a worthless, loser company.

Diane said...

I so feel your pain. I changed out three computers last year. I was nearly ready for a Bahama trip by the time I got done. I've found a great new appreciation for all my external hard drives for storing my iPod files as well as all my photography business files.

I'm now a fan of Foxmarks for storing all my web bookmarks outside my system and updated on everyone of my computers at once.

Virtuous said...

Yummy snack!

There have been plenty of times I "plan" and "want" to knit but it just doesn't happen!