Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fox and the rest of it

Dear Diane, WOW---- I am madly in love with you and would in fact marry you except that I’m already married and that’d open up a bag of dookie so I should just move on with it and say in all sincerity THANKS for the suggestion of Foxmarks! I love Firefox and run it as my browser of choice, eschewing Bill’s fine product with glee. To find software, and free software to manage bookmarks, to quote Naomi Judd, “slap the dog and spit in the fire”. I have already spent the best part of two days moving ‘stuff’ assorted and otherwise, in the Seussing of the computers. Yesterday, the highlights were two wonderful phone calls from (of all places) Microsoft and Adobe. Both companies did the right thing, were lovely to deal with and it was a slam dunk success. Mind you, I waited for MS for 27 minutes on hold but there is always that lovely speaker phone feature that allows one to move on with life while on eternal hold. I should be able to do the worst of it and move all of my Outlook files to the new laptop, with 5 email accounts that I manage it will be a trip. So, should anyone know just how to save the guts of Outlook so I can smush it onto the external hard drive and get to Seussing, please let me know. I’m all ears.

Otherwise yesterday was a pretty fine day. I got back to the gym and the pain in my butt is quite real. It’s okay I could actually feel weeks of naughtiness go away! :) That is of course a wild exaggeration but I cling to it. I will continue clinging until it is true.

Knitting is quite a dim memory---- at least for the past couple of days but getting most organized is a good thing as well. Not, mind you a good substitute but it’s okay. (Did that sound convincing because I’m really trying!) I need to have a down and dirty project cast on, an alternate to a big ole' sweater, I have no idea at the moment what that will be-- just that it will be.

Today will find me in the sewing room working on the large knitting bag though. These fits and bursts of ten minutes at a time are not leading to a quickly concluded project. Ack!

In the mail was the January Anthropologie catalog. I wish I were young and uber trendy I would SO dress like that! Cute sweater:And decorate like that! As it is, I do have a few of their wonderful home accessories (do you just LOVE to wander through???) and little trinkets. One of the things I think I am all over is the wide leg denim pants on the front cover, super cute.

I had discovered in the first incarnation of palazzo pants that those babies make you look GOOD----- and own a couple pair of them now. But denim---- you betcha. During the past season I have seen them around, usually with a fairly hefty price tag so I waited. Upstairs, well and fully aged is a pattern for wide leg pants and I think I could actually make these! With a higher waist to be sure, no hangin' out belly for me please! (You know the rules, just because I think I could make them does not mean in any way that I actually will. Or when. Just so you know!)

Just when you think you’ve gone and been a twit (speaking personally of course) I have to admit that I’ve written the date quite a few times in the past few days and have nailed it on the head each and every time. This is worth mentioning because I can’t tell you how many years I have been writing the wrong year on a check or something well into June. I have no illusions that this moment of date clarity shall rise up and make me forgetful about something else!!!!!

Work calls (via the gym), out of my jammies I answer!


Diane said...

I'm glad the link was useful and just to clear up any questions: I am available to be courted. I receive gifts well and enjoy long walks on the beach. ROFL

Yeah, the date thing... so totally fall into the same trap. Just as soon as I'm patting myself on the back, BAHM, I make a blunder on a company payroll check. *sigh*

Best defense I've found: My age and memory are bad enough that I can successfully hide my own Easter Eggs. Still surprises me when I find them!!

Reluctant Penguin said...

You can use the free Outlook Personal Folders Backup Tool to save all your data to another disk and then "restore" it to the new computer. You might also want to use it for regular backups. I'm not sure it saves all your preferences, but I don't remember having to tweak too much when I set up Outlook on a new computer recently. Good Luck.

Sarah B. B. said...

Sadly, I have no computer advice for you, but I would like to thank you for stopping by my blog & visiting. :) Good luck transferring your entire life from one piece of machinery to another!! :)

Annie said...

Yeah, I'm no help with the computer thing either... just stopped by to wish you a Happy New Year. See you Sunday?