Monday, January 7, 2008

Fearless requires Courage!

Do you justs love the new "Fearless Knitter" blog badge from Knitting Daily? I can't imagine that they won't be all over the web very soon, I just LOVE it, too cute! If you want one and don't have it, hop on over and scoop it up! It really kind of makes me smile, the whole blog button thing.

I worked all weekend, two days of a huge wedding show at the convention center. It was, well, it was something! I talked until I couldn't work up a bit of spit and my tongue was just stuck to the roof of my mouth, not to mention that the words had a hard time coming out anything other than blah---blah---blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah by the end of both days. We met some wonderful people and I have to tell you that the people watching was just exceptional!!! You would not even imagine some of the things you see people wearing. My favorite and I don't have a photo of it so you'll have to imagine--- was a tall somewhat less than attractive man. He was walking with a woman wearing unfashionably torn jeans and a too tight sweater. His t-shirt had the graphic of a large candy cane on it and said "I have something you can lick". Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Classy guy eh? As my mother used to say, it takes all kinds to make the world go around. That might be but I knew right off the bat that I didn't want to have these two as part of our bridal family!

I am so sick and tired of losing things I could just scream, really! If you are one of those super young and never forgetful sorts you might want to just stop reading right now and move on to one of the hot young bloggers sites! :) If however you join me (at any age) in the uber forgetful state of mind and feel kind of like a big ole bozo at times, I'm your girl!!!! We got the SUV loaded after the show wrapped Sunday evening and on the way back to the the studio I had that feeling. You know the one I mean..................the feeling that is usually marked by the fear that something has been forgotten. The studio is only about 1o minutes away from the convention center but all the way I just had this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. That feeling was confirmed as soon as I opened the trunk and began to unload. I had forgotten the two black easel stands. Our dolly had hit a cord and the contents tumbled off so in the process of reloading I set them down and then promptly forgot about them. Just trotted my happy self off towards the car with M&M's on my mind. I blame it all on the unkind aging process to be sure! Basically I think that I should really just live alone------- not in a cave or anything---- but geez! I just hate to let other people down, hate to have others think I'm a moron. And if the truth be told I hate to feel like one as well! I'm a deeply spiritual person but it does always get my attention when stuff like this happens and I find that spirituality and prayer peak at times of supreme stupid-ness??????? I know I'm not alone in that! The end of the story is that we drove back to the show and thank heavens-- found the missing stands. I would have jumped off the roof if they had been missing.

The moral of the story is that focus is fleeting at best for us all! And that fearless living--- to include fearless knitting---- requires strength and courage, especially as we begin that wonderful journey of aging. Dig in! Be tough!

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Unknown said...

hi there. sorry for the long absence. just back from a gorgeous trip.

i know exactly the feeling - the losing, losing, lost it feeling - it happens to me almost every single time i travel. i always leave something in the hotel room. in spite of vows to carefully search, always something left.

usually, its when i have just crossed teh point where its possibel to go back...

once in a while, things are mailed back. but usually, i have to just let them go.