Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Politics and hygiene

Cable Luxe just looks pretty odd at this stage. The back is finished and the front is into the third center cable repeat.

I have to say that if the whole thing just didn't work out, it would still have been a wonderfully happy knit!

A weekly knitting group is not only time to sit and relax with your knitting, have a cup of joe, gossip and chat, learn a new stitch or polish your skills apparently. It's also time to learn something about yourself-----whether you really want to or not. I'd not been able to sit on Sundays for some time because of that whole pesky working thing. (Yet again I do wonder why it is not possible to be a trust fund child.) Weekend bridal shows had kept me away from the pleasure of yarn joy and reading blogs, while wonderful, did lack the human touch! So last Sunday armed with the tail end of a sock, and the beginnings of Cable Luxe /Redux I ventured out.

RMS has drawn a lovely group of knitters into the circle, yin and yang with yarn! In fact I'd ridden with her to Borders and Kate Jacob's reading the week before. On her blog she'd discussed her mani being less than perfect when in fact I thought it looked quite nice when I'd seen her. See--- I'd fallen into a bit of a nail care funk. Basic personal hygiene was (thankfully) accomplished but my fingernails were a wreck! I generally wear a nude polish so the fact that there is considerable chipping, wear and peeling is not as in your face as a darker shade would be. When I stopped to consider the last time I had my toes done dated back to my last pedicure. At Thanksgiving! It was kind of embarrassing to tell the truth! While I can to some degree blame it on the fact that my toes have been encased in socks since then, the excuse really doesn't fly. We will not discuss my easy rationalization of leg shaving where winter is concerned, I mean there are just some places we won't go. With ratty nails, I did attend group. I frequently feel like the grande dame of the group. Doesn't that sound better than the old broad? Hmmm, I thought so. No one mentioned my horrid fingernails and we discussed knitting, love, "Friday Night Knitting Club", the state of health care in America and more. Where else can you get so fed? Where else can you discuss politics and hygiene and do it with such respect and kindness? No surprise, but knitters should rule the world.

I do have to mention that since then, I have performed home nail care. My nails are (for the moment) mostly lovely and my toes are once again upstanding citizens. Please don't ask about the legs, I'd hate to have to lie.

The finished oh so plain sock is modeled abover by my rooster lamp. Nothing says French Country like Mr. Chicken in the kitchen! All other obvious jokes will be left alone. Please feel free to enjoy whatever humor you would interject.

Prince would like to know why I can't just stay home all of the time and hang out with him. The thought is more than tempting I must admit.

Hana on the other hand really doesn't care. "Can I have a Greenie please?"


Jenny Girl said...

Glad you had fun at your knitting circle. Cable luxe looks soft, cushy, and warm. Mmmmm...Gotta make me one of those.
Cute doggie pix too!

Unknown said...

hi there. thanks for putting pics of the doggies. they ARE so cute. what kind of doggies are they. might be time for a lucy photo over at my blog.

glad you like the knitting circle. knitting is really on the back burner for me right now, so i am grateful to have your blog to get some knitting food.


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I love your dogs! I keep saying my next dog is going to be small and portable. My current dog is 100 pounds.

Jenni said...

Awww...how cute! Beamer loves greenies too.

Virtuous said...

Wow...Cable Luxe is looking more complicated than I thought!!

@ your outlook on her...now THAT is what I call glass 1/2 full!