Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gym Dandy

I love my walks, love them! I solve the problems of the world, keep current on my favorite knitting podcasts and walk 6 miles with an celeb walker in my ear spurring me to move faster and get in shape. What I do not like is cold weather! Too many years living in Hawaii I'm afraid, not to mention calling Orlando Florida home, weather below 50 is just nearly unbearable. I know, that makes me sound like a really big poop but it is what it is. Since Thanksgiving, which was my last great walk, weight has crept back in and I'm not very vigilant about any of the health stuff.

I joined the YMCA shortly after Christmas. I have been there three times. Three. Why??? Well, the short answer is that I hate it. I hate having to drive 15 minutes to get there (and 15 home), I hate having to sign up for the treadmill or the elliptical, I hate being surrounded at very close range by too many people. This ridiculous hatred has led me to shun the Y, and the only person it hurts of course is ME! (Refer back to creeping weight). It took me months of really hard work to peel back 60 pounds and it is making me really cranky to see the scale moving in the wrong direction and my pants getting tight due in no small part to the sport of knitting being such a sedentary sport.

So I'm off to the Y. I will return miffed at some buffoon who coughs all over those assembled, irritated at traffic, hot and sweaty and wishing that half my day wasn't gone but I'll go, I'll go. I wish I didn't have to but in lieu of that I wish I knew the secret to being happy--- or even pleasant-- about it!

Every step of the treadmilled way I'll yearn for the day I can just roll out of bed and hit the streets and I'll never complain about the heat of the summer walk again. Maybe. When I finally squeeze some knitting into the schedule today I'll feel better about the whole sitting thing, and there will be no cookies or little treats by my side.

That is the part I'll hate.


Anonymous said...

I hate the gym too...I am a runner and I much prefer to be outside. Sadly New England winters don't always make that possible, so occasionally I will have to force myself to go to the gym which I absolutely detest. I will be there tonight angrily pounding out as many miles as I can on the treadmill before I want to scream from sheer boredom. Hope your trip to the Y is not as agonizing as I am sure my trip to the gym will be later tonight :)

Jenny Girl said...

I have a treadmill at home and it makes it a little easier to work out. It does get boring after a while though. When I figure out how to knit and walk simultaneously I'll let you know.
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I hate the gym too, but the gym also hates me. Last time I joined, I used the fitness machines and contracted an MRSA [staph infection] that culminated in hand surgery and an uncompleted membership. This time, I've been swimming every day in the indoor pool and avoiding the fitness room. Today I learned that I have eczema from too much swimming and I have to stay out of the water (and the shower! Yuck!)indefinitely. So current membership has been frozen. I'm jinxed at the gym, I tell you!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya, sister!!! For me, it's the yoga mat, but it's sooooo cold in the morning...j