Monday, August 1, 2011

Tisket a Tasket Damson in the Basket

I am SO excited to get Damson not only off the needles (You remember the saga of sorrow and woe)--- and blocked!!!!  Two ends to weave in and it's good to go. Delish!

The edging is pretty fabulous as well!

Nothing like a FO to make a girl happy!

And I almost have TWO!  :)  The other is a wee bit further from finished but I can see the end from here! It's Tisket a Tasket from Bunny Hill. I knew when I saw this quilt (a couple of years ago) I had to have it. And then the plans sat.... and I waited for the perfect fabric. That fabric was from Fig Tree and is "Breakfast at Tiffany's", probably my fave Fig to date.

And doggone if the photo isn't of less than fabulous quality but there you have it!  I promise better photos from the Good Camera when it's done. It needs to be sandwiched with batting and backing---- machine quilted and bound. I'm thinking black for binding since it will sit on the wall it is on above. A little too close in the coral family for me, I'd like a darker frame.

So there you have it. Back to work in the real world for me.


jen duncan said...

You're right--not the best photo, but I can tell that quilt is AWESOME!! Way to go!

yoel said...

Woohoo! Hooray for Hot Damson! Sorry I missed it in person today.