Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I am absolutely whupped. To go from the relative stop of vacation to warp speed is always tough but I feel as if I have not stopped a second. 

Not much in the way of anything creative but that stops tomorrow because I have to start putting some things together in a serious way for The Creative Connection. I mean, I leave in two weeks. Gulp. There is fabric and notions and jewelry findings and shoes stacked to the ceiling in the creative space. It's a mess in there!!!

I do have a bit of a finished object, the second in the Christmas Pile It's the cowl turned headband I told you about last time. It's really so cute I think I'll make a lot more----- love me some quick gifts!

The photo above? Taken on a day when the weather was hot and the laughter was loud. We had such a good time that day---- friends, family and staffers all gathered to kick up our heels. Oh my. 

The grindstone calls!

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