Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Again

I'm home again. Instead of stopping en route the car drove straight home and by the time things were unpacked a bit it was 1:30 a.m. I'll be hanging on to that perfect vacation feeling as long as I can while still taking care of work.

What I can report is (as ALWAYS) I super dooper overpack the things I think I will do creatively. More than anything I read (beach time) and I did sketch/watercolor in my art journal. (Not that I don't have plenty to catch up on!) Knitting wise I didn't do too much, embroidery wise I only got the large "tree element" done----- and the only crochet I did was to make the hatband from locally procured yarn. Will I overpack for the next trip? Absolutely.

I missed the trip to the State Fair with knit group but can happily report back that Yo-El and Silvana both entered knitting items and won two blues and a purple! Silvana a blue ribbon in the sweater category for her gorgeous fair isle vest and Yo-El a blue in the shawl category and a purple for best in knitting for her lovely lace shawl. Definitely good stuff, congrats girls!

Back to work for me! Chin up and full steam ahead!


yoel said...

Thanks Tina! Welcome back!

Robyn said...

gald you went- glad you are back

Robin said...

Please tell your two friends CONGRATS on the Fair!!! How fun! You know, I am only doing art and have a hard time getting stuff done. How in the world do you do art, paint, journal, knit, crochet AND sketch?????? And you really do do it all!!!!! You definitely inspire me Tina.