Sunday, January 30, 2011

Storm of Epic Proportions---

The weather pundits have all of STL worked up to a froth...... mondo storm on the way, lay in supplies, fill the car, good grief it is going to be horrendous. It either will or won't be. I follow my Mom's rules: Fill a couple of jugs with water, buy a fresh jar of peanut butter, make sure you have bread and a bottle of Southern Comfort. I choose not to go the SoCo route as it doesn't work for me but I will admit I can make a martini if need be. My rules include having plenty to knit (check) and my Nook loaded (almost check).

I've chosen NOT to work today (yay) and the sleeves are up to 16 inches, 3 more inches (run screaming) and they will begin shaping (less stitches for the non-knitly). Still holding firm about not casting on for the Eiffel until the sleeves are about done. I'd like to hold out until the cardi is done but a girl can only hold out so long!

Loading the Nook has come down to trying to decide what I really want to read. An excellent mystery, something moving and spiritual, or a deep biography. All have their own merits and I really can't decide.

So, (sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies):
On I knit.
Sleeves that is.
Two Sleeves.
*fill in the next round your own sleeve exhausted verbiage-----

We shall soon see whether or not the weather turns history making, or wimps out. I'm hoping for Big Wimp.


Michelle B said...

Don't ya love these crazy weather predictions...they forcast this terrible storm (heading my way Monday night though Wed) and then you get all ready and then we get nothing...I love how crazy people go, acting as if they won't be able to leave their homes for months! I'm just hoping for a snow day so I can get some knitting and sewing done!

Nancy said...

ok...went to the local grocery store. No bread, I got the last 12 hardly any hamburger...
It was crazy..I didn't get much..but I sure hope we don't get the ice and then the 10-15 inches they are predicting...

Meredith said...

Good luck with the snow storm. A good bottle of wine would be nice to add to your list. I am reading Left Neglected about a woman who gets in a car accident and has a brain injury which makes her neglect her left side. It sounds horrible but it is so well written and actually funny in places. I think you might like it.

Stay safe,

Kobi Shelton said...

I'm new to scrapbooking, and am loving your blog on a snowy day!