Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too Long Gone

What is the deal? I've not said a peep in too long!!!!!!! (Which for many might be counted as a good thing!)

I've been working at home, and knitting like a crazy person trying to get Lloie done. But check out what I finally (FINALLY) finished!!!! The guilt got to me I guess~ The Everyday Wrap!

Fuzzy and light as a feather, yet warm. Super simple but I think that is part of the charm. Just a little toss it in your bag wrap for the chillies. Love the ruffle on the seam, that is the best part! When I was in my Ravelry queue last week I noticed that the past few posts about this project said "why don't I finish this???" It languished blocked and just laying about for too long. So glad to have it done!

The Lloie yoke is coming along, about halfway through, the next two leaves are the pinky color, then two in cream followed by the creamy petals along the neck. I am going to run out of black, good thing the folks at Schoolhouse Press are so dang wonderful about sending more post haste!!! My fear is that I'm in such a toot to get it done it will fail somehow! The yoke will be done but I refuse to rush the steeking. I have a plan in mind and rushing it (or any steeking) will only lead to disappointment--- you know it will!

Nothing knitworthy for Ravelympics but I'm sure enjoying watching those of the knitterly persuasion around me work on their projects.

And I'm off...........................


Anonymous said...

You've been a busy gal! All looks great.

Anonymous said...

Someone at knit night said the wrap ruffle looked like a piece of jewelry. It really does -- it's so incredibly flattering on you! I hope you wear it all the time. Also wish I could watch you steek the cardi. Brave girl.