Monday, February 1, 2010

No Yoke--- Citroen

Sorry, bad pun!

The Lloie cardigan is perking along, the body is joined up and I'm about 2/3 through with adding onto the yoke before the design. Once again, I enter the not enough yarn freak out stage. Breeeeeeeeeeeeathe.

And Citroen which was frogged last Tuesday was re-knit to the place where the third increase happens, two ruched bands are complete. I like it a LOT more on the 4's------- it's really an addictive knit I can see why it is so popular around the knit world.

The last push before vacation (a month to go) and my knitting still calls me to find time, make time, use time. I'm not a slow knitter but why do I have less to show for my knitting? I think I'm suffering from productive knitter envy!


boniourkee said...
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Anonymous said...

We all have tht envy!