Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mesh Scarflet

Sometimes scarves are just fun and this scarfLET was no exception! About an hour before heading out the door for last weekend's trip I copied the pattern for the Mesh Scarflet from the current issue of Knit Simple and looked for yarn and needles. I had no fabulous scarfletty yarn so I grabbed the single ball of Wool Ease in the gold colorway that has been sitting around for color inspiration. The scarf was loads of fun to knit (although purl heavy) and great for knitting while visiting with family non-stop for 2 days. This really cute scarflet came off the needles about half way through the trip home on Monday, I had about two inches of it on the needles after a Friday evening cast on. This one calls for a button but I think I'll be looking for a cool stick/pin of some sort.

Love the whole issue full of fun little scarves and know I'll be adding to the collection!


Meredith said...

Love the scarf. Sometimes a simple item to knit is so wonderful. You get to visit with your family and knit all at the same time.

Hope you had a wonderful visit.

Jackie said...

It looks great! Let's see it modeled. :)

Suzy Girl said...

Sometimes simple is best. It's looks fabulous in that color! And a stick/pin will be the perfect finishing touch.

yoel said...

Great autumn color! You're on a roll with the FO's these days!