Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Color, revisited

Francis asked me about the color palette at Eilee*n F*isher............ and how their "Nimbus" was colored. Their cute little shorter sleeved sweater is available in the classic tones of that designer, ash and a plummy tone. Go with everything sort of colors.

It made me think----------- why do we choose the colors we do when selecting a particular yarn for a project? Do we think, hey this will go with everything............ or do we think, the heck with going with anything, I just like the yarn.

What is your thought process? I'm curious!


Anonymous said...

Recently, when I chose a yarn color, my DH said "Well, that certainly looks like you!" Guess I have colors that comfort me.

Anonymous said...

Some times it's to match something but most of the time it's a gut reaction when I see the yarn. I think we instinctively pick colors we look good in.

Carolyn said...

Whenever I think a yarn will go with everything, it tends to go with nothing. I pick the color that speaks to me and says, "Hey, you'll be happy in me." This is probably why I can't stand to knit with the colors that don't flatter my complexion.

Thanks again for the Nimbus inspiration. Mine is done and just waiting on blocking.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have to pick colors that I think will work with my skin tone, which is sort of olive / Mediterranean. But that means that I can never knit the colors I truly love & hanker after: rust, mustard yellow, brown, sienna, bronze, you know -- the autumnal hues. Those colors look awful on me. So all my knitting is in the saturated cool tones: blue, plum, green, dark red. Of course those colors are nice, but they don't have the romance & mystery of those antique/autumnal tones.

I love colors that evoke a decayed Venetian palace, but unfortunately those colors would make me look like a decayed Venetian.


yoel said...

Hmm, there's apparently a lot more to think about when choosing yarn color. Hadn't even though about matching the rest of the wardrobe. I just try to knit with a color I haven't used too much recently, and that I like. I do tend to get darker yarns and vibrant colors I suppose.