Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jiggety Jig

I've returned home (Monday evening) and have unpacked, done laundry, gone to the grocery store and caught up on work for the most part.

An unplanned scarf came off the needles over the weekend which was serendipitous. I'll post photos later.

The purple nimbus met a bit of a stall as I could not REMEMBER if I had knit the back when the two fronts were on the needles and awaiting measurement before the armhole decreases. Imagine that, no memory. Crazy! The fuel of course was that I could not find it as it was not in the last known location. HA! I did find it upon coming back from knitting last night, we shall not discuss the bozo place I put it. However, having rediscovered it my memory is now back on track and I'm ready to get those fronts moving. The Lexical sleeves are almost finished with the decreasing soon to be behind me.

Sadly today I really need to do a bit of cleaning. It's okay as long as I remember doing it in the first place!!


Anonymous said...

No, do tell -- now you've really got me curious. WHERE WAS IT???

tina said...

Dear Anonymous, a girl never tells all she knows! :) Actually it was in the bathroom, with the towels. I have no idea I think a gremlin put it there!