Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day One ChiTown- no knitting content

With no knitting content at all, and no remorse------- Day One of the Chicago trip was great. I lived in Chicago until 1972(yes, I am that old) and at the time of my departure there WAS no Navy Pier. So a trip to visit it was nice, as well as what is now Michigan Avenue (wow). I even rode the ferris wheel. It was not much of a true ferris wheel in my humble op but more of an opportunity to grab the bird's eye view.

Leaving the Pier it was time for a stroll up Michigan------- the people, the shops, the smells, the everything, almost overload! You can sure tell the native Chicagoans parading around in their uber chicness. I'm afraid I looked the quintessential tourist, but that's okay!

I absolutely had to stop in the American Girl store, my daughter was a huge Molly fan back in the day. The size of the store and the number of dolls blew my mind-------- seeing all of the girls in heaven made me smile!

My daughter is going through a really rough patch right now, wrenching to watch for any mother. Seeing all of the little girls and remembering the sweet and naive days was really something.

Lunch was at the W*eber Grill---------- as the weather was so fantastic we ate on the patio. The construction across the street was a small deterrent but the food was quite good. I started with the (gasp) tropical sangria. I NEVER drink Sangria, but this one was a white version made with lots of rum soaked tropical fruit. Delish. I stopped at one because I felt the need to be somewhat restrained. We split an onion strings appetizer, served with a spicy garlicky mayo and a very spicy bbq sauce. Then we split a sampler with beer can chicken (recommended to me by the tourism lady and rather disappointing), bbq shrimp, ribs and steak skewers al of which were very good. I'd heard the garlic mashed were yum and so we had some of those too. Can't go wrong with garlic mashed potatoes!

Vowing NOT to drive back to the 'burbs on any one of Chicago's highway/tollway/expressways we wandered up Lake Shore Drive to Sheridan Road and passed one of my favorite peaceful places of old, the B'* hai H*ouse of W*orship. It is as gorgeous as I remember!

The evening ended up walking the dogs, enjoying one of the fast food delights of the world NOT available locally (W*endy's) and relaxing.

I still haven't caught up and have not managed to knit more than 2 post-vacay rows on either the purple Nimbus or Lexical. Thank heavens for Knit Night!


Susie Q said...

Navy Pier was there when I got to Chicago in 1947. In fact George HW Bush was one 0f 15,000 pilots that trained there during World War II. According to some history the pier was in disuse from 1970-1973. Now your pic of the Baha'i Temple is wonderful. I grew up about six blocks from Linden and Sheridan. Thanks for the memories while you shared your memories.

Mereknits said...

Beautiful pictures, I feel like jumping on a plane and flying there right now. Hope your daughter is doing better.