Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

I love a good snow day. Love Love Love! Having said that, a good snow day by my definition is one where you don't have to go outside. For any reason, even to shovel if you don't want to--- and I did not.

Only 4 inches on the ground, more powdery stuff coming so why in the world go out to shovel when you're just going to have to do it again. This is my motto and I'm sticking to it!

It's also lovely when you can work from home, have been to the grocery store and have M&M's in the house for medicinal purposes. I'm in the middle of an artsy fartsy project for the studio involving the website, a new blog background, and a totally new project so my mind is pudding. What do people do with pudding brains when they do not knit, quilt, or have creative pursuits that allow them time for unwinding?

And there is the sweater back in all of her cabley goodness. See, she does look somewhat like an afghan. This is the point at which the instructions say to bind off for the back and it isn't nearly long enough. So on I go. Just not today.

A couple of hours were spent working on the quilt---- and catching up on podcasts. Today I listened to the last two Cast On (love me some Brenda) and feeling totally away from the world. The block(s) above are in the blue tones, there are 4 blue blocks in the mix.

It's starting to snow again------------ so pretty when you're inside!

The red blocks are laid out and ready to pin together and stitch. Five red blocks and once they are done it will be time to lay out the quilt and bind.

Boy dog Prince seems to like the green blocks, I think he would like a quilt for himself! :)

When I'm in the sewing room especially I make lists for myself. The air is clearer in there or something, I can work out the problems of the world when I come back to it but I have to write down those errant thoughts or they'll be gone. Normally I have a cute little notepad that catches the mind dribbles but the last time I was in there on a mission, it was nowhere to be found. I did scribble on a loose piece of paper and today when I looked at what I was sure was going to be wonderful and inspirational I found two words. Skirt/Underpants. I'm still perplexed to say the least! I do not routinely USE the word underpants and why I was having a thought so earthshaking about them and a skirt as to write them down----- still escapes me.

I circled it in a red pen hoping that the creative muses might sneak in while I'm sleeping and jot a note as to what the great thought was in the first place.


yoel said...

I like the circly bits on the quilt! As does Prince, apparently. Happy snow day!

Jenny Girl said...

Hope you had a fun snow day. The cardi looks beautiful so far. It will be finished eventually :)

Sorry to read about your brother. I'll keep you all in my thoughts andd prayers. Hugs to all.

Knit Purl Gurl said...

You quit too? You're quite the crafty chica! Gorgeous quilt blocks!