Monday, January 12, 2009

Hot Chai and a Straight Backed Chair

I think I've consumed enough Chai tea to be spicy from the inside out, and have given up both the sofa and my beloved chaise for a straight backed dining room chair with no arms. Not as comfortable as either of the aforementioned to be sure but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... the relief. I can get up and down without incredible pain and can actually sit for longer than 10 minutes without needing to shift position. Much better! I'm off any sort of drugs from simple to wahoo and can even get out of the bathtub without assistance. (It is the little things in life I'm telling you!!!)

It's been helpful knit-wise for sure--- IF the sweater in progress HAD armholes, that is where I am now. I have a photo of the wip ages ago............. it seems sort of silly to post the old thing. Has been y'know. I've decided with the help of many great sages that visit the blog that some sort of repair must be done to the errant cables and I think that I'll choose (thanks Francis) Yarn Harlot's cheater fix which involves a bit of yarn wrangling and 'painting' sort of dupe stitch wise. Should be just fine but not something I'll try just yet. Still LOVING this sweater, such a satisfying blend of cables and seed and diamonds, just yummy. And the Cascade Eco? I'm still madly in love with it too!

But, while I have not been doing the sit and knit thing, I have been able to stand and maneuver in the sewing room. (Sigh with delight inserted here!)

I shamefully admit that the quilt in progress (above) has been two and a half years in the making. And it isn't like it is hard or anything geez. I bought a fab kit when I went to Paducah that many years ago and it sort of putters along a block at a time here and there. I'm on the home stretch fueled by my mad desire to have this quilt ON my bed by spring. That includes time to have that bad boy sent off for machine quilting of course, if left to my own devices it will still be only a quilt top when I'm in the home. The fabrics are great, the colorway goes from red to green to blue, starry of sorts (see the pattern in the background?) While I do love hand applique, this is done by machine using the invisible method--- freezer paper, fabric glue, invisible thread and a snip along the way.

And on the quilt front I'm clearly as bad as I am on the knit front because I have already added project number three in back of the quilt on the table right now. (Number two is Jelly Stars from Fig Tree). I was going through the second chest of drawers making room for company and came across this fabric bundle. Serendipity, I'd completely forgotten about it too! Gorgeous, wonderful colors and the spirit is so happy without being too cutesy.

Work putters along, two new brides on the books in the past two weeks--- definitely a good thing. Neither of them knit, OR quilt................ what are these young women coming to anyway?? I need the normally slow season to hit a higher gear, having just replaced the ignitors on my V*iking to the tune of $400.00 (gulp), my yarn and fabric budget just hit empty.

Maybe I should go make some very expensive cupcakes in my 'new' oven.


Virtuous said...

Giggle @ Chai

Glad you are still able to knit.

Hope your back issues are not as uncomfortable soon!

yoel said...

Holy mole! At that price your oven should be giving you a back massage and doing your machine quilting for you! Hope the cupcakes were delish...

Anonymous said...

I love quilting! Can't wait to see your finished quilt - great fabrics.