Monday, January 26, 2009

Knitting, Quilting, Cookies, and Brides

Thanks to everyone who so sweetly popped out an email to send virtual hugs regarding my brother and his need for a liver transplant. Very sweet, and Very appreciated! He is still sort of in denial and the rest of the family continues to be in shock. We're a tough bunch, we will prevail.

It is Monday, pre-snow storm and post-wedding show. So in the aftermath of a crazy show (including the setting up-taking down-putting away) and my inability to string together words today, life seems to be a hodgepodge. We met a lot of brides yesterday and the calendar in the studio is starting to fill up with appointments. I am happy to say that most of the brides we met do not fall into the overly needy and/or psycho column. Hope springs eternal!

I've still (STILL!!) not bound off the back of the sweater and it is OKAY. Really. Even though I really really really want to cast on for "Armay" knit in Latitude from Berroco.

It is just crazy cute----- love the t-back, and oversized look, it would be really adorable over a summer t and some jeans.

The front is cute too, simple, like a favorite easy vest. LOVE this pattern---- and the yarn is pretty cool too!

Regardless------- the cabled cardi marches on. I'll knit the front next and then both sleeves before finishing with the back. I do have concerns about the boxyness---- the bigness. After my last three sweaters having some waist shaping, the back of this sort of looks like an afghan! :)

The joys of working from home (so I can stay off of the weathery roads and shovel for the most part) mean that in between handling work and brides I can knit a bit and quilt a bit and bake a bit.

Warm gooey traditional chocolate chip cookies and a cup of tea............. any takers?

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yoel said...

You're wise to start thinking about summer knits. That vest is super-cute! If you get going, you'd be done with it before the snow melts.