Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So what comes even close to taking off an afternoon on the spur of the moment on a Tuesday for heaven's sake in order to go to the movies and have a leisurely stroll through a shishi mall? Not much. We saw "M*ilk" and if you haven't seen it run don't walk---- it was nothing short of outstanding!! Afterward while doing the aforementioned stroll, the windows of P*ottery Barn called my name. They were bathed in the yummiest and sunniest yellow, it looked so fresh and warm and happy---------- wonderful really. I have the urge to paint something in the house that very same yellow. I won't................ but that does not mean that the yearning is not there!

Onward I knit............... more I work................... and brides, have I mentioned that they are driving me nearly to distraction? Surely a more needy bunch has yet to be created! While I am (if I don't mind saying so) quite good at the care of this special breed, it is a good thing that pointy objects are nowhere in sight lately.

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Eileen said...

I've been wanting to see Milk, now that I have a good recommendation I'll be sure to see it this week. How's your back doing these days?