Monday, November 3, 2008

November in New Time

Not only can I not believe that it is NOVEMBER already, but that Daylight Savings Time has arrived and taken with it an hour of light in the evenings. Man, I hate that!!!! The weather here in St. Louis has been GLORIOUS, near balmy for heavens sake! in the 70's all week long, woo hoo. As I was really behind schedule in overseeding the lawn with rye grass, I've been happy that those little seedies can have a fighting chance.

Once again I missed knit group yesterday due to the shooting schedule at the studio. It is a harbinger of the fall/holiday season when work cranks 8 days a week. Sigh.

My bride on Saturday did a spin with the sticks and was adorable, I'll be posting shots later this week, her gown was lovely and quite different than the 'usual'. At one of the engagement sessions yesterday one of the bride to be's said that she remembered that I said I was a knitter and she was interested in learning. I might have to figure out a bride knitting class, wouldn't that be fun?

On the knitting front absolutely NOTHING has happened, and I mean nothing. I'm kind of cranky about it to be honest. The Ravenna Satchel still languishes and other projects are starting to show up in my dreams holding a sign that tells me how many days until Christmas I have to get things done. I hate it when that happens.

And lastly, I have to add this one to the can you believe it category:
on Martha's email today, the "craft of the day" was a tote bag. Shockingly (to me anyway) it is not sewn at all but created from duct tape and staples. No kidding!

Should you be curious, you can check it out at Martha's website and click "Craft of the Day". I shall be foregoing this method of construction lest I be run out of town on a rail.

Hope the first Monday in November is treating you well-------- is everybody already starting their gift knitting?


Jenny Girl said...

Just breathe. You will get done what you can get done. But don't forget to finish something for yourself.
And for someone who doesn't sew a lick...this bag looks awesome. It's something I could try and make. I have no rep to ruin :)

Nerm said...

Hi-I found your blog from Pam Kitty. I saw Martha's tote bag and thought I don't think so. Mine would look awful I'm sure. Loved your feature on New Harmony-once had an aunt & uncle who lived there.Have other relatives in Ind and Illinois close by. Glad to have found you. Nerm

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I don't think duct tape and staples would be strong enough for all the crap I carry around. But I love that bag in the photo.