Monday, November 17, 2008

The Bliss-Ness

No wedding last weekend---
  • An entire day alone, to myself, peace and lovely quiet. Dinner guests (corn chowder, stuffed pork tenderloin and pumpkin cheesecake) followed by a couple games of Spades where I actually had great cards most of the night.
  • Nothing crazy on the studio horizon this week
  • And, although my nephew (sigh) lost the MVC championship soccer game---- no trip to the NCAA this year. I had a great time watching the game on Sunday despite the loss.
How could things be better to start a fresh, new week?

While not a lot of knitting has happened other than finishing another (my third) pair of fingerless mitts and one lone row of the Ravenna Satchel I have caught up on laundry AND ironing, the house is relatively clean, and the basement on the way to total organization. I've decided to break many years of tradition and decorate for the holidays EARLY, that is before Thanksgiving. Only one year has this happened, the year the house was on the holiday tour and that year (3 years ago) I started the madness right after Halloween. That year I think I started taking stuff down the day after Christmas, I was SO sick of looking at it! My mother (and eeeeek boyfriend) are scheduled to arrive later this week so perhaps all bets will be off.

I'm SO excited to be getting ready to kick off Knitting Contrisstmas for 2008.The second annual event will feature some of the "rockstars" of knitting, quilting and more------ no doubt the coolest thing ever. Stay tuned for the kick off on December 1st and every day throughout the month of December. Happy Holidays to come indeed!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

So your saying if I stop by while in town for Thanksgiving you'll let me do the tree lighting??? Is that what your saying???
Love the new banner. Three pairs of fingerless gloves?? Is that what I'm getting for Christmas?? WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO I'll pick them up in person ok?

Jenny Girl said...

Well I can't wait to see what's in store for Knitting Contrisstmas 2008.
Happy Early holidays to you also!