Monday, November 24, 2008

The Monday before Thanksgiving--

----oh man----- my Mom and her man-toy (aka the fiance) left this morning. It was a very fast visit (often the best, no?) and they are on their way down the road, pulling a trailer behind their borrowed big ole' dooley truck. Should you see them puttering down the highway wondering how to make their GPS work or digging something out of the glove box, I would very strongly suggest you get out of the way. No kidding. We had to move the truck/trailer twice from the city street in front of the house as the local fedarales were not big fans. My Mom is in her 60's and her fiance is in his 70's, you would think they are 14. The kissing and cuddling are simultaneously adorable and irritating. I guess the bottom line is that it is good not to be alone and wonderful that there is love. It is always all about the love.

So they are gone and have left me with a desk once again piled high and plans to make for Thanksgiving. My 20 pound turkey has been out of the freezer and in the fridge since Friday night and I have to say that I have seen absolutely no change in its' state of frozen-ness. Only a few more things to pick up at the store (because I forgot the evaporated milk for the pies)--- and assuming the turkey reaches less than a brick by then I'm good to go. 6 around the table and all the trimmings, should be a good time. I'm a stickler (near obsessive) about tradition and the only change to the table will be my Mom's cornbread stuffing------- without sausage. Any great recipes out there before I putter with it? It'll be served alongside of the tried and true herb stuffing, just in case.

Knitting? I think I might have forgotten how and the now seemingly endless intarsia beckons.

Quilting-----I have a few projects for gifts that I need to get to as well or the recipients will receive a box of fabric and a spool of thread.

Gifting? The heavy box laden with salts and beeswax and flavorings and scents arrived with the cute little swivel up lip balm containers and the cutest soap molds you have ever seen. I feel a big crafting day coming on.

After I blow out the last leaves from the yard. And try to clear the desk. And coax the turkey.

So it goes.


Anonymous said...

Do take pictures of all these crafty achievements. (Like anyone would have to urge you to get out a camera!)

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday!

Jenny Girl said...

LOL To be young at heart! And this is when the children become the parents, worrying and fussing :)