Wednesday, August 27, 2008

White Dogs, Cream Bag & Gray Hair

Another gratuitous blog post featuring my babies.

Can you believe how high Prince the wonder dog can jump? He's chasing squirrels (dastardly creatures if you ask him) up a tree. Prince's idea of heaven is a yard with lots of trees brimming with squirrels--- even if they do tease him unmercifully!

One of these days he is going to manage to land up in the fork of that tree trunk and be really, REALLY surprised!

You can see Hana, supervising from the ground. "Go Prince, GO!" She really offers no help at all in the squirrel department except barking. She is very good at that. She is also good at biting her brother in the butt when he lands.

Fresh from their grooming session, clean and cute as pie! That is Prince above, he really hates to wear that bandanna.

And Miss Hana, smiling for her photo. You can see a peek of her little green bows, how cute is that dog???? Who knew that I would be so madly in love with these guys, sigh.

Brea Bag photos at long last:

I need to finish the moss stitch gusset and get this baby stitched together. No idea yet what to do for handles but in a couple short weeks it needs to be finished, lined, handled and wrapped for giving so I'd best get on it. LOVE this pattern, I can't even tell you what a pleasure it was to knit the front and back. Moss stitch, not nearly as much fun and seemingly endless. Norah my dear, I am NOT worthy!

With any luck I'll be knitting on something-or-other this evening watching the Democratic convention. This was another surprise, how much I have enjoyed it! Who knew? Hillary rocked it last night, that was probably the finest speech I've heard in a long time. Bill tonight----- while I'm not a huge Bill fan, he is arguably one of the most intelligent men in politics.

Politics aside............. have I mentioned MY HAIR? For those who see me around and about you know that I have been growing out the gray. Yes, gray! Having been gray since 23, I guess it is time to see if maybe it might be time to give up the whole hair coloring thing. It's been a battle and a half let me tell you, there is no graceful way to grow it out short of buzzing that baby off and my stylist wouldn't let me go that far. So I've been growing and cutting short, growing and cutting short, et al. Tomorrow is the day I think that I might not look like white trash having a bad day, that is it should be the final haircut to get rid of the leftover color. The color that is left below those lovely gray locks used to be auburn. It is now seriously faded out, dead dry awful looking nasty hair. The only place I now have dark hair is in Second Life, bless Rhonda anyway! With a bit of luck after my cut it will be cute and textured and a little spiky and edgy and fun. If I look like some tired old hag------------ my first stop will be the drugstore!!

News at 11.


Anonymous said...

I'd say you will be stylishly complimenting your doggies...all in white. Very chic!

yoel said...

Your dogs are too cute! Squirrels deserve all the terrorizing they get. They are just rats with fuzzy tails!!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Your babies are adorable. I love the photos of them.
The bag is beautiful. I love how it's turning out. Nice work!

Jenny Girl said...

The doggies are just absolutely adorable! Cute and cuddly.

I am intrigued by this bag. Can't wait to see the finished product.

As far as the hair goes, I don't have good advice to give. However, I find if I just have an attitude that "I'm cute", whatever I have on or look like, people respond to that, and I feel good.

Charming witt and sparkling personality girl!