Friday, August 22, 2008

Medal Please!

Woo and Hoo!

Photos of Cable Luxe and I, taken when the humidity is about a gazillion and I can't wait to get this wool sweater OFF. For those who are Cable Luxe purists you will note that the drop stitch line is absent, I was more of a purist I guess you would say. I am giving thought to perhaps embellishing with a line of embroidery stitches, but now that it is done I think I may just be done done done. I'm very glad it is done (to say the least) and have posted the final photo on Ravelry so that I may receive my medal for WIP Wrestling. Yay.

And for the wistful, pensive, looking out the window shot.............

The khaki pants really aren't workin' with this. I'm sweating to beat the band during this photo so be gentle with me!

While the photographer was photi-ographing there is a shot of Liesl as well.

We will NOT mention my neck, shall we? Or my butt as seen so beautifully in the shot above. You blitters know the rules and this is at the TOP of the list forevermore.

What did I do to celebrate? Besides a bit of the Starbucks? MMMMMMMMM, I'm so excited I'm giddy! I've been stalking Green Mountain Knitting Bags for a LONG time now and last night at precisely 7:28 CST I was logged in and READY. You see, Martha makes these incredible bags and they are always sold out within mere moments of posting--- which happens each Thursday night at 8:30 EST. It's like freakin' Etsy on crack!! I even had dinner guests and baby, I pushed back from the table, walked right out and came in to log on. My bag? It is SMORGEOUS------- and MINE!!!! It is not only to celebrate the end of Cable Luxe, fresh off the blocking table and ready to wear (when it is not as hot as a monkeys butt) but also to celebrate the casting on of "Wisteria". As I told Martha, I make lovely bags, I really do! So why would I want to buy one? I think the analogy is that your mama makes all of your clothes and sometimes the biggest perk in the world is when you can have something 'storebought'! Martha makes lovely bags and is a tremendous success as well, she has graciously consented to an interview this December for the second annual Knitting Contrisstmas--- I'm looking forward to it!

That is MY bag above, is she not gorgeous? I think that while I will treasure my Ravelry medal for WIP Wrestling, I'll dig the bag even more!

Lastly, funny Norah (THE Norah Gaughan--ha!) emails me this morning after I left a comment on the awesome Berocco blog Notes from Norah. I had mentioned that I love her new sweater that is a bit of an exclusive for a knitalong---- "Wedgette" but that I was not going to be able to knit it at this very moment. So Norah the wiseacre says "maybe you can get a bride to knit it for you!" HA! Ain't happenin' Miss Norah, but thank you for playing. You know those brides are not only non-knitters but selfish little white wearing creatures who think nothing of my own personal happiness!

I'm casting on for Wisteria----------- the afternoon stretches ahead of me as alllllll mine! Let there be tea and gold medals!


Anonymous said...

As the old-fashioned phrase goes: May I be the first to offer congratulations! Harrumph, harrumph!

The bag did seem like appropriate trophy swag. Well done!

yoel said...

Hoorah! A gold medal for you! I love the Cable luxe, and I'm glad you decided to finish it.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful. Congratulations on winning gold!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love that new bag. She's a real beauty yes she is. And nice sweater too. Are you still gonna teach me to knit???

Anonymous said...

cable luxe is g0w-jus. just beeeeaaauuuutiful. you must be so proud. would it make a doable second cabler project.

simply beautiful.

i'm giving it the gold.


Virtuous said...


I am just now catching up on my reads and SO very sorry I am late to this showing!

Cable Luxe is AWESOME!!!!!!!!
And you look GREAT in it..YES!! YOU.GREAT!!!!

Wonderful work Tina as I know your journey on this project! ;o) And now you will pick up another one! Haha! @ Wisteria

@bag A very well DESERVED treat to yourself!! I will have to check her work out!