Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Finding My Groove Again

You can see that by the time I got to the bride above, my knitting was getting a bit large to slip to the woman in white! She's knitting on the end of the Mitered Square Sweater and it covers quite a bit of her lovely gown. Chrissy was one of the most laid back brides of the season, never demanding and without a needy mother (always good) and just generally a kind human being. At the time this photo was taken the bride and groom had been out for 2 hours on various locations around town doing a photo shoot and she was HUNGRY!! My kind of girl, when your tummy is rumbling--- well, you'd better get after it! So at the request of the wedding couple we pulled behind the long white limo into McDonald's having given the bride strict instructions that a McRib was most definitely out of the question.................. red sauce and a white dress can be a bad combination! Fortified with chicken nuggets and a sprite she was all smiles again and more than happy to pose with my knitting.

My desk has gotten no more organized since returning to the studio, as a matter of fact I think it's gotten much worse. At least the piles of Do Me Items have gotten moved into the appropriate piles with a sort of rank order assigned to each. I think a long day and some midnight oil is required to get caught up. Don't you hate being behind the curve? I have reorganized my travel knitting (in their various stages of knit-ness) back into zippy bags and ready to jump into the tote for their turn as project du jour, and my hopes that they'll soon become fo's. The holidays are beginning to loom large in my thoughts and knitted gifts need to start rolling off the needles so that the pressure thing doesn't happen in December!

I've been sketching a couple of designs for knitty gifts------ and dying to get to them. Three rows on a hat do not a completed project make after all! I just can't quite seem to get back into the groove. Grooves can actually be difficult to find once lost (as we are all very aware of) so I'm searching hard today!
  • Drink lots of Pumpkin Spice Tea
  • Take stock of work projects
  • Head down, tackle desk
  • More tea
  • More work
  • Teensy Tiny Knit Break
  • Working Still
  • Clear desk
  • Tea Time
  • Sigh, and Knit
With any luck at all the groove will be recaptured and I'll settle in, certainly the rest of things will fall in place? I'm the sort that has to be organized after all, it does make the rest of it work together a bit better.

Confession time: I bought more yarn yesterday----- nothing big mind you, but more yarn. Some fun thick and thin for the hat design, some very plain (on sale) wool for Christmas gift hats, and aPatons pattern book that unexplicably called my name and jumped into my cart. I hate it when that happens! I had actually gone into Jo-Ann's of all places to purchase a replacement zipper and some cream colored thread and because hat knitting doesn't require the very finest of yarn and good stuff was sale priced I succumbed to the temptation. Really, I don't get it, sometimes temptation is strong and you'll buy yarn for the sake of it---- and sometimes temptation is about the Good Stuff only!

I used to be so proud of my ability to control my stash, when it came in--- it was knitted. Now? Not so much! Maybe it's just part of the new groove!


Virtuous said...

Gosh you are making me want to knit up that sweater!! What colorway numbers did you use again in the NORO?! Just love it!

Well with that long list you need to place "rest" on there!!

My stash is slowly growing too and it is really hard to only buy as I knit, but I still always have projects in mind when I do buy yarn out of the blue! I gotta hold onto that!! :op

Jenni said...

No need to apologize for your stash accumulation...it happens!