Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Contrisstmas Eve!!!

I know I've mentioned that I am SO glad to be home but I have to admit that the thrill has turned to exhaustion! You know-- when you have unpacked and done laundry, gone through the mail and caught up on some chores, faced the work on your desk and the looming deadlines--- and still have way too much to do! I confess to secretly coveting that 'easy button' on the Staples commercials, wouldn't that be lovely? As usual, I'm working much too hard (okay frenetically!) to get to the time of year that should be punctuated by quiet relaxation. The reality of course is that sitting around a beautifully decorated house surrounded by completed handmade gifts, caught up on work, and smiling blissfully over a mug of eggnog is not a true reflection of what ever happens. In my life anyway! Because we left when the tardy leaves had not all fallen, coming home meant the necessity of getting all the remainder leaves removed from the yard. Thank heavens for my leaf blower! Once the yard was (relatively) leaf free it was time to get the outdoor decorations up. I'm a weekend after Thanksgiving decorator so to be 'far' behind was a bit disconcerting. The lights are up and look really great, thanks to the fine folks at Target who had a great sale on lights when they put them out (seemingly after the Fourth of July) I added a few strings of red lights to the sea of white and quite like it. The garland is wrapped and lit around the banisters, the mantel is beginning to look festive and before I go to bed tonight I've promised myself that I'll have a good run at the rest of it, right down to the laundry room tree!

Knitting has taken a back seat to life in general since returning home and that makes me feel rather naked without the needles that seemed to be so regularly and comfortingly in my hands. When things with my birth family were making me a little wild, there they were! Not mind you that my family were awful, they were not. It is just that as an adult it's a little weird to be surrounded by (and taking part) with traditions that are not entirely yours! Nothing too bizarre but I did find myself in my bedroom with the door closed taking large gasping breaths a time or two. Or six. Maybe stories later as things sort of get sorted out. Okay, okay---- more than likely stories later, you know me I spill it all! I will take up my needles very soon as I need to keep going on the holiday knitting train. At least I am not succumbing to the gorgeous Silent Night Tree Skirt from Donna Yacino at Berroco, now that would be pretty crazy. I could get it started though......... just a few stitches??? It might be done in time for Holidays at the Home, just a thought! I do kind of get a tiny giggle when they say that it could be a capelet by eliminating a section of knitting---- it puts me in the mind of Bernice from an old Christmas Designing Women show, the one where she wore the tree skirt as a holiday skirt, too funny!

I'll add a photo from our last evening in Arizona. My Mom's boyfriend (just too weird to even go there, okay?) suggested that we might want to go out for pizza at a place where an antique theater organ rose up out of the floor and the guy played happy little ditties accompanied by drums and musical whatnots in the walls and ceilings that came on at various times in the performance. No, I'm not kidding, I have photos to prove it!

Mr. Organ Himself (there is a joke in there somewhere!)

And of course, the dancing puppets segment. Really.

And of course the very best thing about Arizona was my two stops at Jessica Knits in Scottsdale. What a fabulous store! I purchased yarn for a scarf and will call today for another ball as I underestimated the amount I need. (Of course!) Jessica and Deanna are just wonderful, the shop is stocked with incredibly wonderful yarn and the most exciting accessories EVER. I think that if you are a knitter you would never, ever make it out of this store without a bag full of something wonderful. I purchased a couple of books that I couldn't resist, "Knitting Little Luxuries" by Louisa Harding when I just couldn't figure out what to knit my Mom.

She requested something knit for Christmas, and in an Arizona climate I was a bit befuddled. It is December 1 tomorrow and I still don't have the vaguest idea but I'll get there! I also bought "Greetings from the Knit Cafe" by Suzan Micher because the book just appealed to me. I absolutely love the Triangle Shawl and the computer keyboard cover--- for whatever reason! That is Jessica and Deanna and I below------

The photo doesn't even begin to show off the amazing cuteness of this shop!!! Or Jessica and Deanna!
Jessica on the left and Deanne on the right!

While I was there I had the opportunity to see the Lace Style Trunk Show from Interweave, what wonderful things to see! I loved the shrug and might just have to knit it up. Please do not ask me when, that would be simply unkind. Of course I'm still drooling over those cute little Cake Tape Measures and the Amy Butler Bags. I did pick up an uber cute sterling chain with a skull with sparkly eyes and the crossed knitting needles through it--- adorable!

Below, from the Hat Factory and ready to add a little holiday happy to my holiday gifts:

On the left is the brown/white hat from Knitty, center is a plain ole' hat, and the blue hat on the top is (of course) "The Unoriginal Hat", because I had to !

My lampshade is wearing the fun (and unblocked) furry shrug for my daughter the Thin One.

And in the Big News Category, it is of course Contrisstmas Eve! I'm super excited to bring you 25 Days of Knitting Contrisstmas--- starting tomorrow, December 1st!!!! Each day on the blog I'll have a knitting celebrity interview (they were SO much fun!), a holiday recipe, a simple gifty knit pattern, or a fun goodie you can use for your own holiday celebrations! Look for appearances by Lolly, Kelley Petkun of KnitPicks, Grumperina, Nicole and Jenny from Stash and Burn, Carrie from Socks in the City, Sheri Berger from The Loopy Ewe, Laurie Perry aka Crazy Aunt Purl, and Norah Gaughan!!! It all kicks off tomorrow with Kathy Elkins from Webs! It will be fabulous, wonderful fun!

Please join me for a happy world-wide holiday party! 25 Days worth of holiday knitting good juju! And..................... Happy Contrisstmas Eve!

While you wait you just might want to print out these cute little knitted sweater ornaments from Berroco and have them ready to adorn your holiday decorating! I have a little tree in the sewing/knitting room and they would be tres cute!


Jenni said...

What a great idea...Knitting Contrissmas! I can't wait.

I love the fuzzy jacket for your daughter. I'd love to be able to wear something like that, but alas, I am a little too endowed to pull it off. That's one for the "thin ones"

Linda said...

Oh, this is a great idea! I just found your blog from Grumperina's and I'm glad I did! Thanks, this will be fun.

Virtuous said...

Wow you did have a great AZ trip! Thanks for telling us all about it despite how crazy things have been for you!
Love the upcoming interviews for Christmas! I must go read the 1st one now! Exciting!! :o)

Unknown said...

just catching up on my blogging. what a great idea you had for xmas. i will enjoy. thank you for the gift.