Friday, November 9, 2007

What else to do?

What in the world should I do when I've been publicly bitchin' and bemoaning the fact that I have become awash in a sea of cast on projects and wip's in various stages of their bad selves? Feeling like total crap because I'm up to my (adorable) butt in work, and can't seem to manage to get diddly squat done-------- ack!!!!

Only one thing to do if you ask me. Well okay, two things.

1. Buy more yarn
2. Cast on (yet Another) project

Yes. More yarn. Here's the deal, I think I have a bead on this problem! Whenever I'm out and about (y'know---- post office, bank, studio running around) I always pass one of the chain stores not necessarily known for yarn that makes my blood boil. But, it IS yarn after all and you can find some good stuff! Maybe not excellent stuff, but good stuff.

In my recent quest (post travel knitting) I continue to believe that all my loved ones will receive lovely little gifts of hand knit happy. Maybe just a hat, or a little bracelet bag or something but ALL will have the flush of overcoming joy that only hand knitting brings! Instead of actually working on something that I need to finish------- somehow I cast on more projects.

At Michael's yesterday, they had on sale lovely wool............... perfect for a couple of cute handbags. They even had a DARLING pattern that they're doing a KAL with. The book I ordered has not yet arrived so apparently that gave me the excuse to do this bag "WHILE I WAIT". Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. It isn't like I don't have other projects to occupy me, sheeeesh. So far I have 14 rows of stockinette and am ready for the first cable row.

Back to my rationalization (which is GOOD, y'gotta admit!) I think basically that yarn from one of the chains doesn't COUNT! Yes, that is right. Order the lovelies from Webs, or The Loopy Ewe, or KnitPicks, or visit your LYS---- now that counts!!! It has more weight to it....... the lust quotient is higher, you have to think about it! But yarn from Michael's? Nope, you can buy that buddy, pop it into the bag and go off happy as a little clam with no guilt to bear. See? All yarn purchases have their place. And if it is wool, good wool, in a great color, hey-- so much the better!

I must admit that in order to actually have a free cable from that big ole' box of Denise needles to use for the freshly cast on bag (yes, that is how many projects I have in various stages of completion scattered all over the house)---- I actually had to cast OFF the Mystery Stole! Yes, I did! I cast off the triangle of it loosely in knit and will block it off. My initial thought was to put a pretty brooch or button on it with a yarn loop and use it as a little pretty on a turtleneck, or something. I'm not so sure of that idea now that I'm ready to block it. It might be the flap of an envelope style pillow. The main point was that now a cable was free. The fact that the Mystery Stole is DONE (done is done, no matter the way of done!) well, that frees a bit of angst.

I have to face the facts, either I need to buy more needles or I'm going to have to stop being such a tramp with yarn and projects and get busy knitting. Finishing has to be of a higher priority I think!

Photos of the new yarn haul in all of it's guilt free happiness plus the new wip's to follow. At the moment I'm just overcome with it all! :)

Get Knittin'! Easy for me to say-------- working 12 hour days this week and hosting a wee small dinner party tomorrow night. Ack! I slipped home for an hour and a half this afternoon in order to start preparing the requested menu. Meat loaf ("not the fake kind with turkey, the kind with pork and beef and that really good sticky sauce! And don't forget the bacon!") I make a killer meatloaf, the topping is a combo of ketchup, steak sauce, mustard and brown sugar. I got two big ones into the fridge (I'm sending home one for later) and a big ole' pot of corn chowder. Put some rolls with that, some mixed veggies with a side of mashed potatoes and I think comfort will be served. I'm writing this still at work and it is after 8----- when I get in I need to make the last component of dessert---- banana cream pie. Can you tell that men have made the menu request?

I hope that you have someone to cook yummy comfort for you!!!! Now, I'm afraid to tell you that I have Travel Knitting coming up in a little over a week!


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

Now, see. Ahere I come from....and you'll love this....purchases from Webs?? They don't COUNT!!!

Unknown said...

i want to come to your dinner party. keep casting on. i hear those knit picks needles are great for keeping many projects going as you can just keep buying more needles!

Annie said...

You are preachin' to the wrong enabling choir here -- I've even cast on for something else this weekend! Some "emergency knitting" as hubbster calls it... whatever.

Love love love the mitred squares sweater, btw. A work of art, really.