Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sweater Battle- What would NORAH do?

I've enjoyed the comments and emails about what sweater should go with the yummy black Lustra. The early lead seems to be for Lexical and it's Chanel inspired deliciousness. That was my first choice and I Listeme turned my head (as patterns do)! I'm still mulling as I do want to make the right decision so please weigh in if you haven't!!!!

This pattern, perhaps more than others, leads me to say "WHAT WOULD NORAH DO?????" I know that THE Norah Gaughan would have much to say on the subject. What think you Norah?

Web Knitter said: "I think you're second guessing because you know deep down that the yarn isn't right for Listeme. You'll just have to buy more yarn. "

Well I don't know about the yarn not being right----- since the pattern was written for Lustra, but maybe it is that the color wouldn't really set it off to it's best advantage with that lovely little knitted ribbon run through eyelets on the front. On the other hand, black looks great in almost everything! With the fabulous price of Lustra I think that whichever sweater I go with will have a sister sweater coming soon. (Think Ba*chelorette......... that little chickaroo got a second chance after being dumped)!

Web Knitter also confessed "You inspired me to knit a Nimbus while on vacation this year. Just waiting for the yarn to arrive. " Hee.............. why is it that we all so love to know that we have inspired (led astray) another knitter! For the record, I still love my Nimbus!

I'll close on this miserably hot day with the cutest dogs in the world after their new summer haircuts. Hana (below) always knows to smile for the camera, so funny that girl dog! She's waiting for her new dress, she saw me cut it out yesterday after I got home from the studio.

And there they are, sitting (impatiently) for the camera when they'd much rather have dinner!

Get knittin'!


Mereknits said...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to vote earlier. I think the Listeme is perfect for your yarn. I think the Lexcal needs to have a yarn with a slight variation to keep it interesting. The sheen in your yarn will look amazing with the Listeme. By the way your babies are so adorable, my Max would think they are toys!

Mujercita said...

My dog does the same thing with the slightly curled lip!

yoel said...

I can't get over how cute girl dog is! So is Prince, with his pig-tail hairstyle.

Norah said...

Hi Tina,
I am not feeling particularly long winded, but here goes. I would make Lexical for myself. It's more modern - and the no work at the end, knit in front finishing is an extra plus.

If however, you can't shake your retro mood (how can I ignore all of those cherries?!), ignore me and go for Lexeme. As you point out, we did write both of them specifically for Lustra. :)

tina said...

You're right Norah, I am feeling VERY retro these days--------

I would NEVER ignore, THE Norah Gaughan after all! Thanks for weighing in........

Lexical it is! Thanks!