Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hyphenation can be Dangerous

I got an email from a friend that made me laugh. Now mind you, I laugh easily! It's been a gorgeous day with the weather in the low 70's, no humidity, sunny and gorgeous. Better yet, I had studio errands to run most of the day so was able to be out in the yummy weather and enjoyed every second. If the truth be told I stopped for lunch (outside of course) and really hated to get back to work. I dawdled irresponsibly and even knit a few lovely rows while waiting for my fish tacos. (They were delicious!)

Regardless, because you just might need a little laugh I'll share these with you. I'm assuming they are the real deal, I mean who could make this stuff up?

I won't include the funny running comments in the email for fear of pushing the envelope. Use your imagination or make up your own!

'nuff said.


Ruth said...

This is hysterical! You couldn't make this up!

Red Geranium Cottage said...


ponyknit said...

Hahahh ROTFLMAO too. Mc Cracken got me good, my old address was Mc Cracken Rd.

Jenny Girl said...

lol Thanks for sharing. I definitely needed that.