Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bag, The Bride

Yes, the bag and the bride. Bag first because I actually like it better! (wink wink)

How cute is she? So nice and sturdy, large enough and not too large..........

nice comfy padded fabric handles long enough and not too long as well as a matching stretch of nice leather handle on swivel hooks, detachable of course!

Loaded on the inside.......... heaven! Nothing gets lost, nothing can't be found in a hurry. Room for everything, sheer bliss. The white patch on the front is where the velcro attaches the little doohickey that comes across, you don't see it when the bag is closed.

See the great pockets? This may be the last time this bag is empty, I plan on using and loving her a LOT! I know I've mentioned it before but the fabric is from Fig Tree, their Patisserie line, see the map of France as part of the pockets?

Onto the bride---Last weeks bride was, hmmmmmm........ for lack of a better word she was retroesque. Old fashioned, nothing super stylish or edgy. A nice quiet (maybe too quiet) bride.

You can tell that although she was quite the sport about modeling with my knitting, she does not knit and doesn't even know how to hold the sticks. It was kind of scary. She was not a B*%ch, this is all that matters. I have hopes for this weeks bride as well. She is holding the oh so fun IG Sweater--- "Nimbus".

Knitting? Yeah buddy, immediate gratification lives on! Despite a no-notice visit from my Mother and the ManToy, I am half-way through the sleeves with just them to finish and then the little shawl collary piece. I am SO excited you have no idea.

Look how pretty they all are hanging out together! I can't wait until they are ONE! :) I'm fretting a bit about a big fabulous button for closure, I've searched high and low and really can't come up with anything. As a result I knit her without the buttonhole and will attach with a snap when found. I need to hurry!


Nancy said...

I think the Quilted Fox in Ladue carries some really big wooden buttons in different sizes and colors. Also you might check out Patches on Main Street in old St Charles....
Oh, I just remembered that Joanns had some yesterday when I was there...

yoel said...

Ooh, love all the great little pockets in that purse!

Mereknits said...

I love you bag. I think that my knitting would look lovely in it.

I can't wait to see your project finished. It is so fun to be excited about a knitting project. Makes everything in life a bit more tolerable.


Mims Copeland said...

the button emporium is fabulous, and most of their stuff is online. here are some big ones: