Friday, June 26, 2009

Bistro Food

I adore all things Paris (is it time to go for a visit, please?).

At Border's yesterday (picking up two new British knit-mags that Silvana turned me on to), as is my habit I walked down the clearance aisle. Score! A gorgeous book------- "Paris Bistro Cooking". Gorgeous photography, delicious recipes (in English s'il vous plait!), a totally fabulous book. $3.99 what can I say, it came home with me. A visit to several fab Parisian bistros, all mouthwatering.

Cassoulet anyone? Maybe a wonderful glass of vin? Comment pourrait-il ĂȘtre plus parfait?


Anonymous said...

Yummy! What's the first dish you'll make?

happy zombie said...

One day I'll learn to knit (I hope!), but I do love all things Paris too!

I don't know if it's new, but it's new to me... I love your new banner, Tina!