Saturday, June 20, 2009

Knitting as Surgery....... sort of

Okay, so you can tell that darling bride Angie does not knit by the way she wields the sticks! Perhaps you can tell that by day she is in the medical profession and appears to be holding the needles like a scalpel.

She's holding what was on my needles last Saturday, the last bit of the Immediate Gratification Project, Nimbus, the little shawl collary bit.

Is she cute as pie or what? LOVE this bride, we had a blast and she and her new hubby were the best of the best. Can I have more like her?

Get knittin'!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, my first thought was that she was holding the needles like a cautery - the electrical doo-dad that is used to cauterize bleeders in surgery. Same professional tell-tale give away, eh?