Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Half a Fork is Better Than None

I'm moving towards my goal---------- finishing projects and settling in to L.A.C., that is Life After Cabled-Cardi! Stick a fork in me, I may not be DONE but I think the juices are running clear! :) The sleeves just came off the needles, next up will be some assembly and the knitting of the bands. Have I mentioned I'm really excited about this?

Nimbus is DONE and assembled, blocked, steamed and yummy. Photos to come soon!

Lexical has been swatched (perfection) and the back is cast on. With only 4 rows on her, it's hard to see a sweater emerging but the happiness of no seed stitch and the fiddliness of the cardigan is enchanting!

The studio is pretty crazy this week so knitting time will be precious----- but I'm knitting with the ladies this evening, I feel more zen already!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Tina,
You are getting a lot done! Can't wait for the pics.