Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting on the Stick

When unfinished projects loom, life buzzes at an alarming rate, and there are more things you want to do than have time for................ well something has got to give.

My new rule to knit 4 rows a day now has me down 18 rows. 'nuff said. I am still knitting on the cabled cardi sleeves but thought that there needed to be something to get me round the bend, on the stick, newly jazzed. Or something like it!

My new jazz for the stick is "Nimbus" by Berroco. Something fast, something cute, something with a little somethin' somethin'................ perfect.

When researching yarn options (it calls for Peruvia Quick) I made the happiest of discoveries. Webs (love me some Webs) had some on closeout---woo hoo------- for a price I could not turn down.

Is there anything more exciting than a virginal box of yarn??? Unless it is a virginal box of fabric maybe?

The color I purchased is Granada:

The pic doesn't do it justice! Think a cross between grape jelly and a delicious Merlot! I'll have it cast on in time to go knit with the girls tomorrow night! A super cute pattern, nice fat yarn in a yummy color---- can't you see it with a really great big vintage button???? Tres chic!

On the other side of the knit front, part of my stickliness was to address the stuff that was hanging about. Hanging without the promise of ever getting finished! That would of course be my Pi Shawl, on the needles with about 11 inches to show for it. The color was an brownish orange, a lovely color when I had my red hair. Since going through the growing out hag phase my hair is not quite lovely and as it is without pigment now that orangey color would look like yak. Nasty yak. Not to be worn yak. I frogged it and happily set it on my shelf, laceweight yarn that might perhaps (PERHAPS) find another use someday. Or not, it doesn't matter. What does matter is the incredibly light and wonderful feeling of getting an albatross off the needles, freeing up cables and tips!

And not to be confused with Chicken on a Stick, it is Chicken OFF the Stick! :) The dreaded kitchenering of 65 stitches (or therabouts) has been accomplished! I am here to tell you, when you have to graft that many stitches you have to devote some serious thunkin. I thunked, it is DONE!

Now that is off the stick perhaps the tail, comb and wattle will soon follow? Now that she is grafted I have to say I'm not crazy about the shape of her. She probably says the same about me. I think I will have to do something to pull up her tail and square her up a little. Perhaps a firmer knitted fabric would have worked better but it was my first knitted cluck after all.

My intention is that Nimbus will be so fast and so fun and so darned cute that it will catapult me into finishing Alexi with a smile on my face.

We watched "B*everly H*ills C*hihuahua" last night----------- little boy dog Prince LOVED the movie! He watched the whole thing and would go to the tv and peer in for a closer look. Too cute!

Here's hoping that productivity and finished projects follow!


That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

That last pic is so cute!

Anonymous said...

And now, the joy of a the hunt for the perfect button.

I look forward to seeing how this grape/merlot knits up.

yoel said...

Prince is so adorable watching the movie!