Saturday, June 27, 2009

She Knits? Knits Not?

Does she or doesn't she? The answer is a firm 'not sure'! This bride talks a good game but I think the way she wields wooly power belies her statements.

Regardless it was a great gown wasn't it? Simple and elegant gown, simple hair, simple makeup---- combines in the uber heat for a great look. And yes, why those ARE the sleeves to the cabled cardi 8 days ago. There is a bit more to them at the moment, I'm nearing one inch of double sleeved goodness before casting them off and preparing to stitch the cardi together enough to pick up and knit the fiddly bits.

Today's bride is gorgeous, and sweet as proverbial pie, can't wait to have her rock the sticks, it has become something of a contest among them!

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