Monday, June 15, 2009


There is nothing happier than a finished sweater! Well, not much anyway!

Nimbus, the Immediate Gratification sweater has left me gratified with some immediacy! She is done and 90% dry from the blocking. (The onslaught of yet more unwanted rain does make drying that wooly loveliness a bit slower!) Maybe the only thing better than finished, blocked an dry would be assembled--------- that is next.

And I did return to the cabled cardi with a smile on my face when the smell of damp wool was in the air. Another couple of inches added to the sleeves, I'm about half way done with them.

My new goal is to have the cardigan DONE by the time the pattern booklets have arrived. They're not even to the printer for a couple of weeks so when they have arrived here I think I might get Alexi done. With luck I might get the ever-going intarsia bag finished as well.

While that would feel GREAT I am not so crazy as to believe that it is a slam dunk.

Optomism springs forth regardless!


Anonymous said...

You are certainly on a roll. Yeah Tina!

sparkli said...

pictures or it never happened! ;) :D

Anonymous said...

Milestones are so encouraging. Knit on!

yoel said...

Hooray! We want photographic proof though! :)