Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Miscellany

Labor Day carries with it old thoughts, old habits. At least for me. I find myself needing to get things organized, finished, prepared----- ready. Although tomorrow for me is certainly not much different than today or yesterday. Without being in school, or having kids in school, the day after Labor Day just means we're that much closer to fall.

Temperatures here in the good ole' Midwest are decidedly Fall today--- a high of 72, can you believe it? After 104 on Saturday it is fabulous. Summer temps will be back but for the moment it is lovely to dream with the windows open.

I'll be cleaning house a bit, catching up on my online classes and sewing an apron. It doesn't sound like a great day but it will be.

Hope your Labor Day is everything you desire!


grandmastatus said...

wow, a high of 72... it's going to be 98 here in CA. I wish it was cooling down sooner; i'm itching to wear my handknits :/

Meredith said...

It sounds like a great Labor Day, you get to do some things for you and that is so important. I crocheted on the Big Brown Blanket for my son, the blanket that is sucking yarn into it at a rate I can't even keep up with.

jen duncan said...

Don't forget to put your white shoes away.
lol. just kidding. I personally haven't worn a pair since the late 80's...when I also happened to be rockin a mullet. :-)