Monday, September 12, 2011

Let the Packing Begin-

There is something about the start of the packing process that gets to me. Maybe it is like writing the first word on a fresh sheet of paper. I've upgraded the size of my suitcase and decided to check luggage. I absolutely HATE the mad shuffle to find an overhead bin when everybody else on board is hurriedly doing the same thing. So maybe a big carry on with 'essentials'---- and check my bag and call it good. I'm flying out through O'Hare, never a thrill to zoom through trying to make a connection and carrying anything extra!

I figured if I spread the packing over a couple days and had the luxury of leaving my suitcase open in the guest room I'd be more leisurely about it and wouldn't forget anything.

Except my shower cap, I always forget that!


Mereknits said...

As long as you have yarn you don't need anything else, except of course a hook or needles. Happy packing,

Unknown said...

I always forget one or other of the "pluggy" type things. for the phone. for the computer. for the car.

have fun on your trip.