Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Things

Now that I'm back from vacation it seems like studio life (aka work) has amped up about 200%. Good news/bad news. Thank heavens I'm uber organized.

Just in case-- I'm planning to make a partial wall in the sewing room (happy creative hub that it is) a blackboard for notes and lists and happy doodling if the truth be told. With The Creative Connection less than 3 weeks away I have a ton of stuff to do. A TON. I got up super early this morning to start making this:

You can't even tell that it is a knit jersey cardigan, long and drapey with long "arms" in the front to mess with. And the color is a burgundy/wine color not that sicky color in the pic. I have one more sleeve to set in and then decide how to finish the edges. I know the current thing is to just leave 'em raw but I just can't do that somehow. Maybe lace (stretchy) seam tape and a simple turn back and topstitch. My next sewing will occur at 4 a.m. tomorrow so I'll let you know what I decide, although your suggestions are most appreciated!

AND speaking of a ton, balls.. but I gained EIGHT pounds on vacation. Sheesh. Now, I do gain a couple pounds by just driving BY a Krispy Kreme when the hot light is on...........but when my pants were tight this morning and I stepped on the scale the truth could not be denied. I'm okay with it, I mean I hate it but I had a really great time which involved:

Fried green tomatoes with vidalia onion relish at The Lady and Son's in Savannah (so good, really it's all I go for)--- and probably the most wonderful crabcakes ever at Barbara Jeans on SSI. It might have been the housemade ice cream, can you say maple bacon or green tea pear? Of course it could also be the seafood bonanza (a sin not to)---- or just the fact that too many days were spent doing jackshit. Like this:

 Man, I miss the beach like crazy. It was so perfect!

By the end of today I will officially have caught up from vacation (because we all know that is the bitch, the catching up part)---- with work, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, picking up the mail at the P.O., and sorting through the mail.

Hope you're caught up too!


Meredith said...

Tina, so glad you had a nice vacation. Hope your re-entry is going smoothly.

yoel said...

Looks like an awesome trip! Welcome back :)

Robyn said...

i gained weight and didn't have the vacation!
thanks for sharing

Ann said...

Right there with you... miss the beach like crazy.

jen duncan said...

What the heck is with the big ass weight gains during vacation? It's so not fair--knowing how long it'll be before we take it back OFF!
It sounds like you had a fabulous time tho, and the eats look totally worth it. :-) Here's to a new season...I for one am a happy camper that school started back up today! Maybe now Grandma can get a thing or two done around here!