Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Crochet Project: Excitement over a Techie Cover!

I'm almost embarrassed to share my total GLEE over my first crochet project!  Class Project from the Vickie Howell class on Craftsy (which I totally loved)------ nothing special or fancy about it if you're a crocheter. To me, after YEARS (and I mean a long damn time) of not being able to crochet past a chain........... I can crochet!  Gak, it's pretty fab!

C'mon, a little cozy for my Nook!  Yay!  Yarn is Knit Picks City Tweed in Habanero. Random brown yarn from stash to make the crocheted on little chain detail and finished with a huge wooden button, also from stash.

I'm giddy with it! Giddy I tell you!  Next project, granny squares, then flowers............. I'm on a roll.


Meredith said...

Tina, I going to tell you right now that you are going to be "hooked" forever on crochet. I love the nook case, granny squares are a ton of fun, but you just wait until you get to the flowers..... you won't be able to stop. Congrats.

kaystir said...

Very pretty!
I loved doing crochet! Only I am such a beginner I need to work on loosening up the 'death grip' I get on the hook! HAHA

Donna said...

I too agree that you will like crocheting. The lady who taught me to crochet, 40+ yrs ago, had me crochet a doily with string. Imagine learning with string. The stitches are tiny. To this day, I still prefer string over yarn to crochet.

Your nook cozy is pretty. Have fun with your new craft.

Robin said...

Very pretty! I used to crochet years ago, all I knew how to do was granny squares. I used to make throws that were just one BIG granny square. Haven't picked up a hook since. I guess I'm an ex-hooker??

I'm afraid if I keep reading how much fun you are having I may have to go back to my hooking lifestyle!!!