Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Wraps--- Week Ahead

The weekend FLEW by. Weekends that are 'off the clock' always do. I started the weekend helping a friend move into her first house............ she's a third year teacher, getting married in 2012. Can you remember your first house and all the excitement? It was very sweet and the house is perfect for them. I  was proud, happy and excited all mushed up together.

Saturday night brought a bbq (going to hang with friends on a Saturday night is a rare event). Good food and friends is an unbeatable combination. Sunday was a bit of work but there was time to knit after catching up on my desk and laundry. The dust bunnies loom large and the vacuum really needs to be run but HEY---- I'm halfway through Clue 3 of the Mystery Shawl. It's really shaping up although the photos don't show the last two clues, it's all wrinkly in that pre-blocked lace way.

Yes, the striping shows but the flash really makes the striping of the yarn say hello. I continue to ponder overdying.

And that is the working edge of Clue 3-------- about halfway through. I know........... you can't see much of anything! 

I've pretty much confirmed that all things in life should be a mystery. This pulls you through! Keeps you going! :)   Right now I'm creating clues for work the only difference is that I know the outcome if I don't get it finished!

Have a fabulous week!


Meredith said...

I think it looks terrific. Glad you had such a nice weekend.

Elysbeth said...

I like the striping, but it might overdye well also. Hmmm, wear it and see if people comment on the striping?

Glad you had a renewing weekend.