Friday, May 13, 2011

KAL's:The Better Part of Valor?

I did make progress with the Eiffel Tower Shawl. Ripping back 10 rows was painful but necessary and in the past week I've finally gotten knit back to that point and now have "fresh yarn". However in an effort to:

a. ignore it
b. have a change of scenery
c. completely ignore the past week entirely

*(Your Choice)

I have started another knitting project. Not my usual operating procedure but I have been known to go down this path in the past.

While surfing Ravelry I came upon a Knit Along for a shawl, the Mystery Shawl KAL 2011 from Knitting Like Crazy's Jen. Simple with a practical and sturdy edge----- the center medallion keeps it interesting and looks nice in a tailored kinda'way.

It is (forgive the photo) bluer-----almost navy with a bit of gray running through it and with a nice haze.

The yarn was stash----- I needed sock-ish weight in a fairly tonal color. Not much to be had choice wise, apparently I want  my socks to look like clowns (what was I thinking?) This one would have to do! It's Patrons Kroy Sox FX------- wool & nylon at 75/25.

So about 8 rows from the end of the first clue while watching old Oprah's (gotta love it when the server is down--- what else to do but roll with i t???) and on we go.

Hope your weekend will be fabulous! I'm off this weekend and just puttering, hoping the weather will hold for a trip to a great art fair, maybe cocktails with friends, and some gentle puttering.


Michelle B said...

Oh I like that one...I'm doing another myster shawl KAL and am feeling a bit frustrated with it...I may have to cast this one on!

Elysbeth said...

You'll like the subtle color changes in the Kroy FX, can't wait to see the mystery