Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three Rows & Some Optimism

The Oxford English Dictionary defines optimism as having "hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something; a tendency to take a favourable or hopeful view."

I have knit 5 rows in the past week. While this is a sadly small amount, it is more than I've knit in, well, probably 2 months. I'm feeling cautiously optomistic that perhaps the knitting logjam has been broken. Or at least dinged.

The Must Have Cardigan, knit by many and coveted by me as the re-knit of the frogged boat cover, has some renewed interest.

The question is WHY am I unable to knit in my new digs? The space is certainly good for knitting, the vibe good, the project of interest and I would like to wear it this year (sigh). Yes, I've been busy but that seems not entirely the answer.

Promised photos of the pretty darned cute kitchen curtains! Made from a fabulous vintage feed sack, I absolutely love them! The new kitchen is aqua and red and when I saw this feedsack in the same colors AND with chickens on them it was a must have. I opened up the seams by unpicking the stitches, gave it a good press and cut off the top band. Then simple tiny seams along all edges and sewing a simple casing for rod pockets along the tops of both panels the window treatments were done. Love 'em! Phone pics, for which I apologize!

The top "valance"----- the top stripe of the feedsack----- Eshelman #100 pounds

Albeit fuzzy detail of the feedsack.............. the bottom tier of the treatment. Every chicken in the neighborhood will be over for coffee!

And a VERY dark photo of the whole shebang. Apologies for my complete laziness not to drag out the "real" camera!


yoel said...

Very cute curtains! They'd match really well with a few knitted chickens... ;)

jen duncan said...

Really Tina? You a photographer (kind of) and THIS is how you show me your new kitchen?? Yeah...I'm thinkin you need to pull out the 'real' camera. sheesh!