Thursday, July 8, 2010

Post Moving Exhaustion

Moving is a killer. I'm telling you. KIL-LER. Everytime I move I say I'm never going to do it again and then I do. Go figure. I do have to admit that being able to sit in the back yard in the evenings when it is cooler has been delightful and I didn't have outdoor space in the last year. The stargazer's were in bloom during the move and I enjoyed them very much. I plan to do some patio sitting with some knitting when I am not too exhausted to hold the sticks.

If the truth be told I think I forgot HOW to knit. I'm pretty sure I have absolutely no recollection where I left off with the projects I'm working on and as we know that will involve some brain time trying to get that sorted out. Right now it seems too much effort.

Everything is together enough to eat, shower, sleep and collapse after a day at work. I'm taking the weekend off to get everything finalized so with luck by the time Monday morning rolls around I'll be in great shape. Maybe not knitting, but in great shape. The dogs have settled in and all in all, things are good.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds so wonderful, Tina. I'm glad things are settling down and that the pooches are happy. Don't worry, knitting is like riding a very pointy bicycle (I think I'm mixing my metaphors here.) Can't wait to see you again,