Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot and Hotter

The weather has gone from hot to hotter, heat index today 115 they say. It all makes me very glad that this is not the week I was moving, believe me--- it was hot enough when I did.

You know your settled in when:
  • You've unpacked everything (the basement does not count)
  • Things are hung on the walls
  • You've cleaned post-move
  • An actual meal has been prepared in the kitchen that is eaten sitting down at a table using real utensils. The meal is Real Food.
  • and--
  • Knitting Has Happened!
Finally I was able to go to meet the knitters on Tuesday and actually managed to knit a couple of rows. It took the better part of an hour to remember where I was in the process of two projects!

There are crazy brides right now requiring attention, work is fairly hairy and I still confess to collapsing in the evenings unable to hold the requisite tools of knitting. It will get better I know it will. The worst of it is that the squirreling away I thought I'd be doing this summer has just not happened, nor is it likely to!

I think for the moment, changing plans is going to have to be a Big Girl Attempt at facing reality, accepting changes and moving on. It's sort of like frogging (or tossing) old projects that no longer serve you!

I wish I had something wonderful to add, some fabulous project completed or even new goodies purchased. Right now, holding my own is a wonderful thing. (And have I mentioned how I adore my aqua and red kitchen????)


Meredith said...

Everytime you write you have something wonderful to say. I love catching up on your blog, glad you are settled, glad you are knitting,
Have a wonderful day,

Anonymous said...

hahah sooo true! I don't have anything on the walls and I still have a few boxes left... but I did start making real food. ALMOST done moving ;)