Friday, July 2, 2010

Holiday Weekend on the Way

Ahhhhhhhhhhh......................... yes! It's a holiday weekend! Are you taking a long one? A three dayer perhaps? Or as the news said last night, "here in St. Louis we take 3 1/2 day holiday weekends!"

I'm not holidaying----- there is still soooooooooo much work to do. Although the painting has taken a wee break, the packing and unpacking and shoving and pushing and pulling and moving and hanging and re-hanging continues. The light is at the end of the tunnel however.

Regardless the 4th will find me making time to bbq, maybe have the first home cooked meal in well over a week and sitting down on the patio with a cocktail or two. Maybe one of these:

Blueberry Martini

1 cup Fresh blueberries, washed and dry, divided into halves for use
2 oz. blueberry cocktail (juice)
1 oz. fresh mango juice (found in the international section of the grocery)
2 oz. really good vodka
1/2 oz. orange flavored liqueur (best possible)

Place half the blueberries into the bottom of the shaker and lightly muddle them, then add all of the other ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with crushed ice. Shake that baby like James Bond going tropical! The ice will further break up the berries. Strain into chilled cocktail glasses. You may rim with sugar if that is your preference. Make this a 4th of July cocktail by rimming the glass with coarse white sugar and garnish with a pretty little cocktail pick of alternating red raspberries and reserved blueberries.

Enjoy------ have a fabulous weekend! I won't be knitting, sewing, or otherwise engaged in anything creative but I hope you are!


yoel said...

Sounds yummy! Happy July 4!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the rest of the move! You've already accomplished the hardest part -- making the new place a beautiful color!

Hope to see you soon. Neanwhile, happy Fourth!