Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Phone Love

Who knew that getting a new phone was so fabulous? I had no idea! Of course my previous phones have been for ringing and texting (and ignoring). When the last phone rolled over and died, the replacement is the most fabulous thing ever! Touch screen, qwerty keyboard (a must for me) and a really fab blue cover! A "Moment"........... love it! I can tweet and facebook, text and photograph, troll the web and even yelp. I feel kind of like a kid about the whole thing, I mean who knew?

On the practical front I'm putting together a color board with likely candidates for the new digs, coming up the middle of July. Even with a recent walk through and photos of the house I have NO idea past the knowledge that the present colors pretty much have to go! I'm currently loving the colorways inspired by "Frolic", Sandy Gervais and the muted palette from Fresh Figs, especially the upcoming Tiffany blue from the not yet released Breakfast at Tiffany's collection. My fear is that I won't have any idea what I want where until I'm fully in. With a couple of weeks as an empty box freebie I hate to waste the time that I could be so much more easily painting.

Knitting? Not much- although my knit time of late has been pretty much singularly devoted to Damson. Maybe another 10 rows until the edging gets underway.

Crafting? So much to do, to try to make. And no time to do much besides look at the pile(s) sitting here and there.

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